Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

The weight had been lifted from their hands... many had been left behind as the house moved to it's new dawn. The storm had come and now, the rebuilding would begin...

Lots of good things happening! Promos out the wazoo! Hoooah! Courses racking up email space, and awards out the ying-yang!!! :D

That said, let's keep up the activity people! Ba da ba ba ba! I'm loving it!

Mad props to Galaphile who got promoted to OT!!! Sweet!!

APP Xieon was promoted to NOV!! YAY!

PRT Alaris Jinn promoted to GRD!! wOOt!

and last but not least:

PRT Kor VanTil (my apprentice) promoted to GRD!! Way to go! :D

Lots of medals this week!

Jagan gathered two medals this week earning a Cresent with Quartz Star and a Cresent with Topaz Star.

Alaris Jinn earned a Cresent with Sapphire Star


I picked up a Cresent with an Emerald Star and Aabs saw fit to give me an Anteian Cross!!! Thanks Aabs, I'll give you your 'award' later ;)

VanWyck is my SA hero this week, completing both the ACC Initiates Course and the IRC Basics Course! Awesome work!

Alaris Jinn passed the Test of Wisdom! :D

Kor VanTil passed the Force Philosophy Course!! Wahoo!


I'm in a battle with Shikyo... Should be interesting...

Welcomes go out to kabar waz and Rifter! Come, sit around the bar, and have a drink on the house!! :D

NOV Korranos Force - IN - from Rogues

SBM Starrett - IN - from Rogues

Um... I'm not entirely sure what comps are running. Check the competition page on the main DB page. I seem to have lost track of what's running... :S

Various Graphics

Omicron Station Wiki Creation(Halc doesn't like what I did... :P)

Boosting activity within the ranks, especially APPs...

For those that know what this means: "It's on boys... it's sooooo on."

Factoid of the Week: I'm a scorpio in the Star Zodiac and a tiger in the Chinese Zodiac.

Competitions are being drafted and finalized... be warned. ;)

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