Aedile Report


Aedile Report

I am going to begin the process of filling up our battle teams after

my meeting with the QUA, and both BTL's this week. Once every slot in

both teams are filled, or as close as we can get, the BTL's will begin

running their guys (and gals) through their paces based on the results

of our meeting. Next Vendetta that comes up, we will be ready to duke

it out and do our part to bring Clan Plagueis to the forefront of

Brotherhood excellence. Gamers.... get ready.... writers.. get

ready.... theres lots of practice coming up. If you are currently not

part of a battle team, I would suggest now is the time to get to know

both BTL's (Battle Team leaders) and pick their brains. They will be

your first stop in the chain of command.

Next order of business: Masters and Students.

I would like everyone that is currently an active Master to contact

myself with info on your student. If you are a Master with no student,

be prepared soon to have one inquire about becoming your student and

still, contact me stating your availability to take on a student. I

make it a point NOT to interfere with a Masters training, but I do

like to be kept in the loop. That being said, I'd like progress

reports from masters on their students (what phase they are in, what

task they are currently working on, and so on). Students ready and

looking for a Master, you contact me as well if you meet the

requirements. The Master Student program information for the Clan can

be found on the Clan's website if you are unsure if you qualify.

Please do not email stating you'll be ready for a master soon, if you

qualify, then you email me and we'll get this party started :) .

I have a competition running right now. I left no page requirements on

it because I want to gauge where everyone's writing skills are. That

means you can at least enter it and give me one page at the very

least. I am in the process of setting up anywhere between 1-3 more

competitions. This is not only a chance to get some bling, but a

chance to show me you have what it takes to kick ass and take names.

If you are weak in writing skills, there are many skilled members in

the Clan/House that can assist you, including myself. I would also

like to point at the writing courses in the Shadow Academy, they can

only make you better.

With the AWOL check out of the way now, we see ourselves a little

light in the roster. That means those of you left are ready to get

busy and show the Brotherhood who the real masters of the Darkside

are.... don't prove me wrong.

P.S. My reports aren't pretty, they aren't flowery.... they get to the

point. I save that crap for the competitions.

KAP Vithril Isradia

AED House Exar Kun

Sword of Isradia

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