Consul Report


Consul Report

Phoenix sat aboard the new flagship of CSP, the Nebula Class Star Destroyer Excidium II. He grinned as he thought bout the acquisition of the vessel. I wonder if the New Republic misses this fine vessel, thought the Firrerreon. Phoenix rose from the throne and made his way slowly to window, gazing out into the system. A warning beep rang from the door.

"Enter," replied Phoenix.

"My Lord, Timbal has returned with the Excidium. She is in bad shape and he does not know when she will be able to be brought down to the surface," spoke Ail'en.

"Thank you Admiral. Come here, I have something for you." asked Phoenix. Ail'en strode over besides the Consul gazing out with him. "You have served this Clan beyond anything that could be ever asked of one person. You would have made a great Sith," Phoenix picked up a small box and handed it to the Admiral. She opened it, and much to her amazement, laid a redeemer of Scholae Medal, with some slight modifications to show involvement with the fleets. Ail'en straightened up to hide the emotions welling up inside her.

"Th...thank you Sir," stammered Ail'en.

"Well deserved as well. But onto more pressing issues. Because of the outcome of Operation: Reclamation, I have decided, until the battlegroups are set, that each house will be assigned certain ships. So, as follows, the ISD Indomitable will be assigned to HAD, the MHC Fury and Basilisk assigned to Caliburnus, and the MHC Adenn to HDS. As usual, if any clan operations exist, all ships will rejoin the fleet. The Excidium II will be yours to command unless Lucien and I are present or state otherwise, accompanied by the ISD Warspite commanded by Timbal or the commanding officer."

"Aye Sir," responded the Admiral. She then bowed and took her leave, knowing that the silence was her cue to leave. The full fleet came into view as Phoenix turned back to the window. Soon we shall crush our enemies under the might of this new fleet, thought Phoenix, a grin coming to his face.


OOC: Excuse the lateness of my report. And Yahoo is back to normal, so now I can get back on track with things.

Apprentice to Acolyte AWOL: All apprentices and acolytes who received an email today, you have until December 13th to reply, or you will be AWOLED.

Dominion: Thanks to Braecen and his team, the Dominion of CSP is done. Impetus has already begun to upload the work, so expect everything up and running within the next week or so.

Paths: We are still awaiting the release of the new powers and set-up by the DC, but, parts of this project are done and awaiting implementation.

Competitions: There are a handful out, please go and get active. Also, participate in SA, Gaming Nights, and any other DB Sponsored events.

In-The-Near-Future: After all the house competitions and such are squared away and done, The higher-ups are planning something fun. Stay tuned for more details at 11.

Ship Name Competition:

ISD Mark II "Warspite": Archangel

ISD Mark II "Indomitable": Archangel

Baudo-Class Yacht "Enchantress": Vail

Majestic Heavy-Class Cruiser "Fury": Vail

Majestic Heavy-Class Cruiser "Basilisk": Thran

Majestic Heavy-Class Cruiser "Adenn": Tyno

In Darkness,

Warlord Phoenix Olkyssagh d'Tana Palpatine

SWL Phoenix Olkyssagh d'Tana Palpatine (Sith)/CON/ Clan Scholae Palatinae

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Consul Scholae Palatinae

Emperor of Judecca

Son Of Palpatine

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