Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Dark Greetings House Gladius,

This is my first report as your Aedile and I must warn you, I am absolutely crap at giving introductory speeches :P. Here it goes anyway and please try not to boo so hard :P.

I’m Dark Jedi Knight Deatharoc. Some of you know me, but most of you don’t. I’ve been a member of the Dark Brotherhood for about 6 months now and this is my first leadership position. I’ve been in House Gladius for my whole Brotherhood career so I know pretty much of this House works. I would like to make it clear that if anyone at all needs help with anything in the House, then contact either Telona or myself. I reply to emails in about 24 hours so there should be no delay in a response. To be honest, I don’t know everything about the Brotherhood and there may be problems that I will be unable to help you with. That’s no biggie because I will refer you to someone else who can solve your problem. Also, feel free to email me with complaints, compliments, ideas, death threats and basically anything you want to :P. There are plenty of good ideas and when you come up with one, email me and we’ll chat.

Now, enough about me and let’s go on to my report. I’m going to try and send one report every week or so. It has been a pretty quiet week but I’m sure that we’re going to get more active in the weeks to come!

The Praxeum has been without a Sith Commander for quite a while. It is never good when a unit is without a head so I invite anyone to send an application for the position of Sith Commander/Battle Team Leader of the Praxeum to Telona and I.

Next up, I’d like to revitalize the master-student program. Anyone interested in having a master, then shoot me and Telona an email saying you would want one. Anyone interested in having an apprentice can do the same. I am personally willing to take up to two apprentices.

Finally, be active! Do whatever you can in the Brotherhood. Take part in a competition, join a gaming night or fight in the ACC! There are lots of things members can do in the Brotherhood and activity often leads to awards and promotions. I am personally running three competitions, which you might want to check out, and there are dozens more things you can do. This applies to all the people in the House. Be active.


Kyp Quin-Vos was promoted to Novice! Good job Kyp keep it up!

Deatharoc was promoted to Dark Jedi Knight! Go me :P!

Shadow Academy Passes:

Kyp Quin-Vos passed Sith Core! Congrats


None that I'm aware of.

Ok. That's all from me now. Remember, if you need any help then send me an email or we can chat on IRC. Now get out there and show the rest of the Brotherhood how awesome this house is!

DJK Deatharoc (Sith)/AED-EP/Gladius of Tarentum [ACC: CL:1]

Cr-1A-2S-4E-2T-2Q / CF-BlF / LS / S:-7P 

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