Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

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Hello Prophecy Phyle it is time for Tetrach Report # 2.


There hasn't been much to put into the News Section of things. However, it does appear that Qel-Droma is now in need of a new rollmaster. For anything else the n check the AED or PRO reports there might be some stuff that I didn't cover here.


Alright everyone there are quite a few competitions going on right now including the Solo missions comp. This comp is relatively simple and easy, a good way to earn some crescants. Basically all you have to do is write two pages worth of fiction about how your character defeats a Vong. For the specific details check out the Forum Post.

Solo Missions

Ok another competition that is still going on is the Saga Continues. This comp seems like it would be a good comp to take part in since it should give your character some more histroy and background (if you decide to publish your entry into the DB wiki). The requirements are a min of 5,000 words. Again for details check it out.

Saga Continues

And there is also a current comp that is being run by our own Draco Maligo. Its called Betrayal and its a pretty good idea. The comp is about how someone close to you stabs you in the back, and again the min requirements for this are that you have at least one page worth of how your character responds.


That covers all of the competitions that are currently under way. However, I would love to get an ACC Tournament going just for the Battlteam. If anyone is interested in this then please email me.


There have been no promos this week.

::SA Exams::

There have been quite a few SA Exams passed this week here is the list:

               Orv Dessrx d'Tana has passed the Wiki Basics Exam.                                                                                                                                              

Michael Burgos has passed the Pre-Republic History Exam

I believe thats it if I'm mistaken then email me and I'll get whatever I missed out here

From The Darkness,

Michael Burgos

Tetrach of Prophecy Phyle

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