Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Acclivis Draco members groaned. They'd just left a parade called by the Consul on Judecca, hopped off the shuttle and got back to their quarters when RevengeX called his own Quaestor's parade. Completely bored by that briefing they had staggered back to their beds, grumbling about the late hour and being passed regurgitated information. Somebody had attempted to re-wire the Cantina's droid to forget their bill, but that had just left it in a pile of nuts and bolts, so the bar was shut. People balked at the thought of having to go to bed sober. So there they all were, nice and cozy back in their beds when the fire alarm went off.

The House members erupted into activity, senior members sprinting back down towards the parade square, ready to be given the tasking of fighting any fire. Junior members were swept along in the confusion, fearing that their home may be burnt down around them, screams for the senior members driving them do to have their name checked off the list. Bodies skidded to a halt in the parade as Cuchulain checked them off one-by-one, taking the time to shoot a low-powered bolt of energy from his cybernetic eyes at Yeldarb due to his Ewok imprinted pajamas, and one at Timbal for turning up in his under-wear and boots. At least he'd remembered his underwear.

The House groaned as he informed them that this was just a test, they had all failed miserably and he may as well take this opportunity to pass on his own report.


Dark dudes and dudettes!

Huge report this week.

First of, self-publicity is great! Go and do the Lost Time competition. The unwieldy link is found below, and for this competition I am after any type of submission, though the focus must be on humour. Make me laugh and you're more likely to win.,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=3034

I haven't had one submission yet. :(

Ok, that aside here's an update on what I'm up to.

Ongoing stuff

I've got three projects on the go at the minute beyond my standard AED/RM/CCE jobs, although the tasks are RM/CCE kinda based. The first is the promotional guidelines of the Clan. The current ones are very set in stone, "you must do this course, you must win one of these medals" and I am attempting to come up with a multi-path system that offers a lot more choice. I am also trying to provide the opportunity to ignore specific elements of the DB should you not like them so much. For instance, if some people don't like doing ACC stuff, and as this is listed as a pre-requisite for specific ranks, then that isn't very good for those people, is it?

The next one concerns the activity tracker that I run. Basically every notification of an award or a course comes through to me, and I track all of those and let the Quaestor know when someone has done enough to get a promotion under the current guidelines. Whilst it will become redundant should the Clan hierarchy like the ideas I put forward for the multi-path guidelines above, it is in-depth, pretty cool and very easy to use once it's set up, if I do say so myself. I have offered this up to the other Houses and have (probably stupidly) agreed to do all the hard slog at the front end to include the current status of those < DJK members of Caliburnus so that when Ras starts to use it, it is completely up to date. That's where all the work is - initially getting it up to date. Keeping it up to date once that is done is a doddle. Then when I have finalised the multi-path thing above I'll have to review the whole doc and see how I can appropriately track the progress of members from then on. Joy.

The last large task I'm working on is an envoy handbook. To be bluntly honest I ignore most of the emails that go across the Envoy email group. Some Envoys can be very boring. However, following a conversation with our esteemed ProConsul I have agreed to write an Envoy handbook, bringing together the information held within the three Envoy documents doing the rounds at the minute, cutting out the crap and filling out those points which need it. I'll also review the Leadership courses and whatever else there is within the Shadow Academy, and fight my way through all those emails I haven't read in the Envoy group, so that th most important information is highlighted, and nothing missed out. I am not attempting to get all Envoys across the whole DB to treat all the new members in the same way, as an individual Envoy's personality counts for a helluva lot. Though when someone is newly appointed as an Envoy there should be a guideline to show what is to be expected of them. Anyone who has come through the system recently in HAD will know that you get a standard (huge) email from me at the beginning, and then specific one-on-one emails from then on in. It's a concern that some Envoys have standard (impersonal) cut-and-paste emails for every element of their contact with the membership, which kind of goes against the point of their positions in my eyes at least.


The competitions page has been updated with all of the current competitions and those that are due to take place in December. As we get closer to the holiday period there will be no doubt more added as people throw some short fun stuff into the mix. The link is below and should you find one of the links on the post that doesn't work please let me know.

As and when a new competition is devised it would help me greatly if the organiser could send me an email and it shall be updated immediately else you'll just have to wait until I do my trawl of the competitions page. I will up the number of trawls I do over the next couple of weeks, but an email to let me know would still help a lot.

Final Note

It appears to be a quiet time in the House at the minute. We need to make sure that while we relax we don't drop our standards. Go searching for stuff to do - take this time away from large scale competitions to go fill in more info in your Wiki pages, take part in competitions you normally wouldn't. Basically, go stretch yourselves!


KPN Cuchulain Darkblade Palpatine

Aedile and Rollmaster Of Acclivis Draco

RevengeX's Number 1 Bitch

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