Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

“Cethgus! Im sure a week ago I ask you to start training Nokkon in advance combat! I’ve seen nothing no progress, Im ordering you to work with him and that’s final”

Malaki shivered as he felt the cold hand of the zabrak’s clench around his throat, he was trying to threaten his battle team leader than hurt. He threw the boy out of his grip, pushed backwards, Malaki stumbled and recovered his balance.

“Look even if you’re my commander, I am not teaching anyone! Nokkon is obelisk and will learn in time, and I mean he will learn, even if he suffers. Now be a bloody battle team leader and do your job!”

The zabrak furiously turned and marched off out of the knights office. Malaki nodded, sighing loudly as he left. Tiding up his desk to write yet another report he looked up and thought. Its time for some tea and scones. He walk out of his office into the hall, Nokkon and Cethgus were stood talking quite socially. Confused out of his skull he made his way to canteen, the next thing he saw were two members of his battle team on screen fighting in the training centre. Apparently it was a match not a training session but still…..

“Not Training him my arse” Malaki said as he received his jammy scone.

Souls of darkness

Battle Team report

Clan News

Be active and GO Participate in competitions! Congrats from Souls of darkness to Blade for his promotion to SW.

House News

Final Week of Deadly Deceptions, GO PARTICIPATE please !There are house projects in progress, so I would like to see some volunteers to help with them.

Battle team News

Well done on all round participation, Im liking the results I am getting in for ACC and Awards, which makes me proud to be in command. So a big part full of rum, cookies, and ice cream sandwiches for all!


Fionn dan Locut'Hal Cr-S x2 LS x2

Nokkon Wud Cr-E x2

Cethgus CF x 3

Malaki CF x3

Archangel Cr-E x4

Tyno Cr-E x2

Congrats on all Awards and medals this week, really pleasing to see a good team with great activity…..I hope to see some more

Shadow academy/ Acc

Lots of activity going on in the ACC, well done Locut’Hal for his Victory!

Final thought

" The road in life has many turns. Keep your hands on the wheel; watch straight ahead. Fasten your seat belt and commit yourself to making every turn."

-In darkness


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