Galaxies Tribune Report


Galaxies Tribune Report


Greetings, all members of the DJB.

I know this report is coming out very quickly following my original. But would like to get the word out on what is happening, and let you all know of a few changes from my first report.

Galaxies News:

Now for those that have yet to try out Test Center, I will tell you all about the new Gunboats, or at least what I can. No one knows yet how to get them when the publish goes live, except that they are a

Collection, and a one time use deed. I got them from the FROG (terminal that gives you anything you want)

Each Gunboat has 6 player manned turrets, and 2 guns for the pilot to shoot that face straight forward (yippie), and no missile or countermeasure slots. Those last two do not bug me as I never use them anyway. I did try out each factional one. The Rebel, and Imperial do look pretty cool, but for looks, the Neutral one

takes the cake hands down no contest. But second place is followed by the Imperial one, as the interior has some good potential if you like to decorate. Also if you remember all the repair stations and conduits

in the POB’s just randomly spread around, SOE was nice and put them all in one location this time, away from the pilots and gunners. So what does that mean no more dead gunners/pilots from the molten lave

pouring out of them. Also the Mass on these ships is only 2.5-3 million mass so that is less then a normal POB vessel that has 5 million mass. At 500k mass per elite ship part being the engine, weapons capacitor, Shields, Booster, droid interface, armor X2, reactor, guns X8, equals out to 8 million mass needed. So you will not be able to run a full compliment of elite parts like you would in a Decimator, or other multiple passenger ship.

They do have actual gunboat parts that I have yet to see, so lets hope they use less mass, otherwise you will have to use lower level parts. Also read up on the new way that turrets work on the forums. The basics about them is where your gun is pointed it stays pointed even when the ship turns like on a gyroscope. It will not track and lock onto an enemy, but it is much easier to follow and shoot them.

DBPA News:

Ok, I had mentioned in my last report that we might be moving, Cancel that, we are staying put, there are plans to get our current city up to standards, Raidoner is leading that effort. Also go vote for him in

the elections if you have not done so for city Mayor.

DBPA Ranks:

I have been asked how they work, so I will explain them all to you. I need to finish getting all of your characters info to properly update them all though.

Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, Herald, and any other Dark Council

title from the DJB will only be awarded to those that hold that position, Like DGM Muz and HRLD Shikyo.

Overlord - Who ever is the current Tribune. Upon reassignment from this job you will go back to being a Sith Marauder, or an Inquisitor.

Inquisitor - Are members of the guild High Council. This may be changed to Sith/Dark Councilor, but will discuss with the leadership first. These people are not limited to a rank they can be anywhere from 1-90. Prior game experience is recommended for these people, and their primary job is to co manage the guild, and make important decisions along side the rest of the Council

Sith Marauder - for all people in the ranks of 80+. These are the people who have completed most of the PVE game and mainly do PVP, or high end PVE missions designed for end game content.

Sith Assassin - For all members ranks 40-79. These are the members have how shown that they plan to stick around the game, and useful to assist with certain missions, but now fully up to the usually PVP level ranges

Sith Minion - for all members ranks 1-39. Think of these as the Journeymen class, where they are still starting out, and they will need the most assistance. These are the people that are usually still learning the game basics.

High Council Status:

I will be looking to add 2 more members in the very near future. The only way in is through activity, and basically showing exceptional conduct inside and out of SWG. You can be inducted within your first month with some effort, and you will be removed just as fast if you do not remain active without setting up an LOA. I will weigh extended LOA’s on a case by case basis, but the DBPA will suffer for members that are going longer then a few weeks. These members have equal say as myself with all in game matters. They also have the same authority as me in the #DBPA IRC channel. They do not however share my powers in the DJB main. It does not matter that they may be a JH, and you a EQ2, they are the bosses in the game. I have personally screened and selected these members, and they were voted on by the other leaders of the DBPA. I will always keep only an odd number so when things come to a vote, there is a tie breaker.

My goal is to have up to 9 members, but will not have more then 5 till we grow a little bit more, then 7 until we grow more past that. So with that said until we reach 9 there will be 2 more people being

added at a time. I am guessing roughly once a quarter I will add the other 2 members if things are growing like they should. After we reach 9, we will only add people as to replace those that leave

the Council. Also this is fair warning for those on the Council, even if you are "semi-active" and someone new comes along and does a better job at being "active" I will open a vote regarding the person in the council I see doing the least to benefit the club, as an opportunity to have you replaced and bring new life into the decision making process. This is not a time in the PA for any member to sit on their butts. We are favored by only a few, and those few are just enough to keep us alive. The requirement to remove a High Council member will just be a majority vote, so if we have 3 members in the Council it only takes 2 votes to remove you. if we have 4 it takes 3, if we have 7 it takes 4, so on and so on.

On a special note, all removals must be voted on prior to a loss of in game privileges, unless the offender is committing a crimes such as in game theft, or if they are doing something seriously wrong like randomly booting members, I grant all HC permission so suspend guild/admin rights immediately. Offenders will appear before the CoJ if they are a DJB member.

Also, this is a promise, without any repercussions, I have an open door policy. If you have complaints about myself or any other member of the PA, please bring them straight to me and I will work them out, If the complaint is about myself and you do not want to talk to me about it, I graciously give my permission to go straight to the DGM, and GM as they are my bosses. I am not above the need to be polite, and fair. Additionally If you catch me violating any of our articles in the Dark Covenant, please, report me to the Justicar. I am not above the Law just because we do most of our business inside of a game.


Ekeia - It was not that long ago that she was new to the guild, and next thing I know she is already a level 72 Entertainer. So what does that mean for us, we will have an in house buffer to assist us before any PVP/PVE events. She has also spent her time assisting me with little tasks here and there, and putting in her parts of the Wiki. I got with her house leadership, and together we were able to get her promoted to her current rank of Guardian. Everyone give her a big old congrats, as it was a well deserved elevation. I hope to see more of her work come across my desk soon.


There are two of them out there for the 31st of December.

One is a big fight night, read the details at,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&filter=upcoming&ID=3098

The other involves decorating, read up at,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&filter=upcoming&ID=3099.

More will be coming soon, and if we get a good feedback on the fight night,

I will try to make that happen twice a month. They will go at some of the points of

interest in game, so we can see the sights, and what better then fight.


We need to get this DBPA Wiki moving further along. I still have a whole list of stuff I am doing myself, but I give permission for anyone to add anything they want pertaining to the DBPA, and to SWG in

general. We now have the Herald on our roster, so hopefully that will be a great blessing for us. It can never hurt having two Dark Council members assisting us, as the … what’s the word… PWNZ

I still need more ideas for competitions. Send them into me. I will look them over. Some I will submit personally others I may tell you to submit, as it will show you all being active leaders, and will be a way to

track who is helping the most, and that will mean shinnies and promos to you :)

Recruitment, get out there find people bring them in, replace the numbers that we will be loosing at Christmas. I issued a Guild wide AWOL check and those that did not respond to me in game, Except

current DBPA roster members, will be getting a boot out the door from me for Christmas. So this part does not affect any of you with getting kicked. I know I am such a Mr. Scrooge.

Last project I have, is if you happen to be an ace pilot, and own a multiple passenger ship, please let those that are not aces jump in and lets grind them out to Ace before chapter 8 hits live. I see it now that space will be heavily grinded, and Myself and several others will be busy trying to get some of the new things. If I am in game and you want near free space exp give me a shout and come gun for me, I have a plethora of ships to choose from, that you may ride in. Notice the key part there you must man a Turret, do not let me hear of AFK ship riders, that just sit there and let everyone else work for them. I am a fan of Macro, but they must be macros that still involve some work on your end. For example I use a loot macro so I do not have to manually click on each dead body I kill, to collect its contents. I also run a forage macro so when I am traveling around I will automatically look for treasure maps and not have to push the button every 2 seconds. These do not violate my rules because you have to kill something to loot it right? And you also have to more at least 5 meters and come to a complete stop for the forage to work.


Herald Shikyo has decided to grace our roster now, and he is brand new to the game, So please help him out where you can.

We stand at 15 members

Muz Keibatsu Sadow

Shikyo Sasuke Keibatsu

Yeldarb Vohkou

Dakari Kaeth

Maximus Raidoner Mandalore

Braecen Kaeth

Ekeia Iclo

Eludajae M’Nar

Lycen Kranos

Horus Blackheart


Tiberius Wolf Mandalore

Rannik “Warhammer” Narius

Daar Kareth



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DJK Yeldarb Vohkou (Obelisk)/TRP/Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae [PA: INQ] [KSOE: AENV] [ACC: CL:1]

SC / DC / BN / Cr-1A-1S-3E-4T-1Q / CF-GF / SI / LS-BL / S:-13P


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