Interclub Training Event Report


Interclub Training Event Report

I expected a bit of a let down after the amazing showing of last week, and it did occur. However, we still had 63 matches played by members this week, and I heard that a large portion of them were actually Sith games! I'd like to thank everyone who came out to play this weekend, and a special thanks to Bloodfyre, who has hosted this event countless times, and has always been there whenever I need him to be, no matter what I ask of him. I know it sounds like I'm stealing that "big props" section thing, but Bloodfyre is definately doing his part and more!

As I mentioned earlier, we had over 60 matches played. A number of members played 10 matches or more, but only Gambit won every match of the 10 he played. Gambit's Clan, Arcona, took top participation honors again this week, with all three Orders coming out to play and earn CFs. Oh, and a special congratulations to Manesh, who earned his first CF ever by taking a daring leap into multiplayer gaming, after much prodding. ;)

I'll be able to host the ICTE this weekend, so I'm looking for a great turnout! I look forward to having members from all the Clans show up to play and have fun. For those of you who have been ignoring me or under a rock for the last few months... The Interclub Training Event is every Saturday at 4 pm EST, in #outerrim, and usually lasts for several hours, so be there! :)

p.s.: Flech and I were experiencing some very, very weird bugs relating to medal awarding earlier. If you have been awarded too few or too many CFs, or not received any at all when you thought you should have, PLEASE report the issue to myself and the Chancellor immediately... :)

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