Fiction Tribune Report


Fiction Tribune Report


• Fiction Tribune's Role—This will evolve some over the coming months. We'll still have monthly competitions, but I'll be focusing on giving the Brotherhood a persistent, living storyline. This is something we haven't had and will continue where the open-ended Great Jedi War left off. Alot of this will stem from what I already do with my current duties but will be brought out into the open somewhat.

• Fiction Staff—There isn't going to be one unfortunately. As mentioned, we're going to be looking at what this job's role is in the Brotherhood and bringing it more in line with what we need rather than just an outlet for monthly topics. If you were on staff, contact me so I can reward you for your work and stay in touch for upcoming projects.

• Writer’s Corner—Post any fiction (preferably Star Wars related) you like there for public review. Feel free to comment on and discuss anything fiction-related. As the guy before me stated, there won't be any Dark Side Scrolls awarded based on word-counts. This is what the DSS is currently awarded for:

"either making a submission (either fictional or graphical) to the Dark Brotherhood's newsletter, the Dark Voice, or for authoring or editing an official Dark Brotherhood proposal."

If this looks to be changed anytime soon, I'll give you a heads-up here.


• Previous—The Saga competition's first phase has been completed and awards issued. It unfortunately won't be continued. I don't know what Vail had planned so there won't be a follow up.

• Current—What Dreams May Come This will be a single-shot competition placing the writer in an unusual circumstance.

Balance A poem regarding the title.

Balance (GFX) A graphic regarding the title.

• Coming—_Time of War _This will be a slightly more involved three month story arc that will offer some twists on traditional fiction, tie into the continuous Brotherhood storyline, and allow the winner's character to be featured in the following official plot update.


• Discipline System—This is something I've been working on to return meaning to Orders, add some fictional depth to our characters, and tie together various Brotherhood systems of play so that what you do in one system, or get from it, will apply elsewhere. This is a small part of the black project we refer to as "KotOR'ization."

• Plot Updates—This is a big part of what needs to be happening with the fiction tribune scope of operations. We intend for whoever holds this post to be your conduit to the continuous Brotherhood storyline. The first of these updates has been done for some time and we're waiting for some other projects to be released to put it out.


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