Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Malaki sat down, his stomach aching as it was full with Christmas dinner. Looking at his new photo, it was his whole battle team with their new shiny presents.

The main one he had to giggle about was the one to his old friend Cethgus, stood there in the photo glum to hell, holding his grinning zebra.

“Oh good times”

Souls Of Darkness

Battle Team Report

What a lovely time of a year Hey? Hope everyone enjoyed their x-mas ….cause I certainly did ….Going to have to make you all diet to lose that weight from your Christmas dinner lol

Clan News: CSP Oscars, wow nice results…Good to see some familiar names there. Congrats to Nokkon, Arch, Xathia and our own Rasilvenaira Kaeth StormRaven!

Also …Winter games are on, nice sweet funny games to play…could it be any easier lol

House news: HC is coming together for a grand run on ran by Xathia…Not long till Rasilvenaira wants our projects stuff in …get it complete please J

Battle Team News: Congratulations Syphoc Rilkel Kaeth as the Proselyte of Knowledge (November 2007) and Corin Kaedin as the Proselyte of Storms (December 2007). Welcome to the Order of the Serpent! I and Silver in the new year will be bringing together ideas and going ahead with a BT run on and competitions.


Xathia- Steel Cross (For all her help to everyone, she makes me proud)

Syphoc- 34x CF’s (Wow lots of action)

Malaki- 9x CF’s (Just gaming)

That looks like a wrap folks, Have a good new years party, I sure I will….spend your tiem wisely I don’t want my BT too drunk ….Have a good time …to all of you, cheers for this great time and year

-In Darkness


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