Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

_Tridens Rollmaster's Report

Report ID: R06

Rollmaster: JH Raiju_

Dark Greetings Tridens,

I hope you all have had a great holiday so far like myself, personally I don't celebrate christmas in the traditional sense (I'm not a christian for those that did not know) but I can respect the values and ideals behind it and I like to honor them. As you all know, New Years is approaching quickly and while I wish all of you the very best in the new year and hope you all have a great time during the celebrations tomorrow, there are two things I want you all to keep in mind: 1) Be safe in your celebrations, I myself have ended up in the hospital for two new years so learn from my mistake don't overdrink and always remember to think before doing something exciting and new.

The second thing I want you all to keep in mind for the new year is the kind of member you are going to be for Tarentum next year. As you all should have read in Anshar's report and introduction email, its time for some changes to be made in Tarentum so that we no longer are the stagnate clan we have become. Its great to take pride in who we are and what we have done but words without actions are tools for the fool. So for the new year I want you all to think upon what kind of member you will be; will you take up the reigns of leadership and support our new consul in obtaining our new goals, will you take the most important role of the brotherhood and remain an active member competiting to bring honour to our ranks, or will you sit back and only work the muscles in your mouth? Two of these paths will not only bring rewards and honor to our clan but to you the individual as well while the last will give you a one way ticket out of here. Think upon this, and let me know your choice through action in the new year.

Anyways, with all that being said its time to move onto my report. As you may have noticed for the past few weeks, I have withheld my reports until activity started to pick up again. Starting today expect to see me return to a weekly report schedule. Also, with Adien being on LoA until the end of next month, I'll be stepping up to help out Archean as best I can to keep the house running smoothly so feel free to contact me about anything you need assistance with, whether it be related to my office as Envoy/RM or the house in general and I'll get you squared up.

Important Announcements

Rollmaster/Envoy Competition

So the first of my two part competition has come to an end. I will announce the results in the next few weeks with the beginning of the next part of the competition. I didn't get the participation I wanted, but I've marked that up to the holiday season and bad promotion so I've continue with the next part so hopefully you will prove me right in the next event. On aside note, I want to hear what kind of competitions you are into so please feel free to reply back to this and let me and the rest of the summit know.

Raiju's Advancement Policy

Just a general reminder here that I'm here to help you all get to that next rank so if you ever have questions or concerns about your progression let me know. With the holiday season coming to a close, expect to here more from me on an individual basis. I'll be contacting all the journeymen again within the next week will are notice about their currect progression and what they can do to advance. Again, with the holiday season over expect me to return to doing this on a bi-weekly basis. Also, remember when submitting to a competition to cc' myself and the rest of the summits so we are aware of your participation. You don't need to email me about ACC battles, I get emails from the ACC when a battle is completed so it is counted.


I haven't heard too much lately from members looking for students or from masters on the currect progression on their student's progression. Again, I will mark this up to the holiday season for now. But if you are master expect to hear from me this week about a status update. Likewise, I'll be going through the journeymen ranks to see who is eligible for the MSP and contacting them.

New Consul

While most of the veteran members will be aware of this, I would like to point out to the newer members that we have recently had a new consul appointed. Bloodfyre recently stepped down due to real life situations, and we have had the former Headmaster appointed to lead our clan. Most of you will know of DJM Anshar since you have recently gone through the Shadow Academy and may have had to deal with him. As Consul, Anshar will have the final word on all things Tarentum related so feel free to contact him on anything about our clan or just to congradulate him.

In and Out:

Please Welcome:





Welshman has left Tridens for Cestus to help them out with restoring the house to its former glory. Best of luck to him and all the rest in Cestus

Shadow Academy


Sephiroth has passed the Sith History III

Rickson has passed the Test of Agility

Sephiroth has passed Obelisk Core

Sephiroth has passed Old Republic History


Sephiroth has received a Dark Maven in History.



Rickson received 4 CFs

Szordryn received a Cr-S


nothing in the past couple weeks, don't give up hope though!


No one has received any seals in the past several weeks. However, if you wanted to change this remember that you get seals for recruiting members into the DB (who will join us in Tarentum) or by mentoring them in the MSP.


None in the past couple weeks. Let's change this.

Leave of Absences

Adien is on a LoA until the 31st of January

R'deth Bay is on a LoA until the 2nd of January

Sephiroth has ended his LoA

ACC Activity

Sephiroth was defeated by Raven in the ACC, Nice try Seph!

Master Student Program

Current Pairings

SW Adien Corsair d'Tana and JH Raiju

KAP Apollo and ACO Scion

DA Troutrooper and JH Evant

SBM Archean and JH Celahir

DA Spears and JH Dock

OP Lucius and GRD Elols

DJM Bloodfyre and PRT Seth

Looking for Masters

PRT Orontes is looking for a Writing Master

Looking for Students


Closing Remarks

So tomorrow I'll be starting my new year's eve bringe with some drunk Wii bowling and playing some Mario Party around noon, then off to a friends for a house party for the night. I'm looking forward to it as its been awhile since I've seen some of my friends but I'm concerned I might not even make it to midnight but we'll have to see :P....Yes, I told you to learn from my mistakes but I said nothing about me learning from them. lol Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful time tomorrow and I look forward to talking to you all in the new year.

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