Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Dinaari Quaestor Report #7

Templar Vladet Xavier

<p><font color="red"Holonet News Update

<p>This is the last House Dinaari report for the year 2007. It has been an incredible past year as Clan Taldryan remains First Clan of the Brotherhood, humiliating every other Clan in both the Rite of Supremacy and Great Jedi War. Taldryan is truly a "Brotherhood within a Brotherhood" and our performance shows it. 2007 was a great year for us ... let's make 2008 even better.

<p>I am pleased to announce "The Resurrection of Dominus Sicarius" which is a new competition running for the next three months at least. Our older members may remember this tradition of Dinaari but for our newer members all the information you need can be found on Dinaari's website right here. I've sent out information about it via the e-group but it basically boils down to the most active person in the House gets not only a Crescent, but the honor of being inducted into the elite ranks of Dinaari and earning themselves a silver-plated Bryar Pistol.

<p>In other DJB news, Headmaster applications are still being accepted while Grand Master Sarin is on his way back to Iraq for yet another Tour of Duty. Some crappy new "Darth Bane" book is out (or coming out) while Tron had something to say about the Wiki. The only important news is that Archanis' Quaestor, Crix, has just been promoted up to Sith Warlord! Well done! If you want more stuff, just check out the DJB news page yourself.

<p>Competitions for the BT, House, and Clan are wrapping up tomorrow evening. Be sure to participate in everything you can to snag Crescents and demonstrate your activity. The only way for Journeymen to earn promotions is to participate in a lot of competitions - and remember you are on a deadline to reach Jedi Hunter as well. In fact, our roster will get much cleaner in the next day or so as I remove a handful of Apprentices and Novices from our roster due to inactivity.

<p>So begins my last week of freedom and vacation. I will be out of contact starting Tuesday afternoon and virtually all of Wednesday as I head back to law school. The rest of the week I will be online but my time will be somewhat limited as I prepare to get back into the grind and play some beloved Mass Effect.

<p>Dinaari Personnel Nexus

<p>I think Tarax mentioned it in his AED report last week but just in case he didn't I want to congratulate Dinaari's newest Guardian - Sidarace. Since joining he has demonstrated excellent levels of activity and has been a real asset to both our House and Clan. This is actually rather interesting since no one in Dinaari has reached DJK since I did it earlier this year. Sidarace's progress (as well as others at GRD and PRT) will be no doubt worth watching.

<p>We have a new member, APP Dark Blade. He has already passed his Test of Lore and hopefully he becomes a productive member of the House - only time will tell. We also have another new arrival ... ACO Ebola Koon, back from a stint in the Rogues. Hopefully I won't have to AWOL you again but I guess we'll see!

<p>Come 2008 our roster will be much cleaner - a good chunk of Journeymen will be removed due to general inactivity. A few months ago Halc, Tarax, and I setup a new system to help promote activity in the House. So far the results have been mixed - we've seen a small surge in activity from certain members but the downside is our roster gets smaller. We will continue to monitor this policy and adjust it accordingly if need be. I honestly think that everyone removed wouldn't have done much, if anything, anyway.

<p>Not that anyone cares, but I finally got around to getting ACC qualified and now hold the ACC rank of Neophyte. Will this result in more ACC activity? Probably not.

<p>Quaestor's Final Thoughts

<p>Ahh, the end of the year is here. Most of us are still on vacation no doubt so activity is still a tad light until school gets started again. I want to thank each and every member of Dinaari for making my Aedile and Quaestor stints as comfortable as possible. I really look forward to serving you guys well into 2008 and for as long as I possibly can.

<p>I won't go into a very big speech, but I just want to say that I have been heavily involved in clubs like the Dark Jedi Brotherhood for just over six years now. I have held positions from the lowliest member to the top of the rank chart at Command Staff levels and everything in-between. House Dinaari and Clan Taldryan is by far the most close-knit unit I have ever been involved with. It is this loyalty and commitment to one another and the Clan as a whole that brings us victory in virtually every Vendetta and major event.

<p>You won't find this loyalty in other Clans or even in other clubs of similar nature. Earning a promotion or medal in Taldryan is ten times harder than in any other Clan, where they are handed out like candy. You have to earn them here through hard work and dedication. Maybe that's why we're so good - because our members believe that hard work is required to do well not only in the DJB, but real life as well. This is why we're First Clan of the Brotherhood and why we will probably retain that title for a considerable amount of time.

<p>Thank you on behalf of House Dinaari's Summit. Have a great New Year's Eve and we'll see you in 2008!

<p>As always, I have to plug getting on IRC. It's no secret that those who get on IRC and talk with their fellow Clan members are far more likely to succeed and get ahead in the club than those who don't get on IRC. Honestly, this is the best part of being here so get on! If you need help, just ask Tarax or me - or check our the IRC Chat Info guide (located on the left-hand side of the main page).

<p>For the glory of Taldryan,

<p>Templar Vladet Xavier

Quaestor & Envoy, Dinaari of Taldryan

"Assume the Party Escort Submission Position."</p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p>

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