Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

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It was evening at Alabrek Castle, better known as Ragnos Cathedral. The sun set far beyond the horizon as Ylith was sitting behind his desk, with all the Night Hawk members in front of him. His lizard likes ayes gazed at every one of them, neither when he saw similar eyes from Anubis gaze back at him did he blink or falter. The silence was shredding the nerves of the younger clansmen, while the more seasoned members simply sat and waited for what the Sith has to say.

Suddenly he rose, and turned his back at his group and when his face wasn’t visible, he couldn’t help but to grin at what he was about to say.

“I have seen incompetence, I have seen ignorance, I have seen revenge, I have seen the souls of men more worthy.” He started off, and as he turned around to face his members with a straight face he saw them flinch and questioning him. Keia was the first to rise and said, “What proof does one like yourself hold to make such a claim!” With the strength of her words, Scuslem rose as well, “You cannot blame us for doing what we could!” he shouted and Imperial rose silently and gazed a piercing gaze upon the Battlemaster. “It is you who holds ignorance in heart!” She said and Ylith gazed upon the three.

“You three, come forward.” He said with a quiet tone and they moved towards the Sith, some with fear grabbing them, some accepting the punishment ahead. Instead, he patted Keia, Scuslem and Imperial on the shoulder and smiled. “You have passed the first test, following orders is one thing, but defying them for the sake of what your heart tells you, is what the Dark Side considers power. To stand vigilant when all opposes you. Rejoice my fellow Dark Jedi, for you have gained in rank within the Night Hawk Elite, and henceforth I shall grand you the rank of Enforcer 2nd class!”

The other members of the battleteam applaud when they saw the honor granted towards the three members. For protecting their spirit and resolve against all odds.

Now be seated my friends, and allow me to speak my words as I report our activities.

Competition Results

I was amazed by the number of participations! You totally rocked my socks off and I can only hope to be buried in submissions again in the future. Great job to all of you who submitted, know that your activity shall not go unnoticed, and if our summit doesn’t heed our activity, than I will personally make them see it. You deserve all the credit because you guys make the name Night Hawk Elite truth.

The results are:

Gaming Participation: Keia, Shuang Long, Anubis, Scuslem and Imperial

1st: Imperial

2nd: Shuang Long

3rd: Keia

Writing Participation: Tash, Scuslem, Imperial, keia and Sky

1st - Scuslem

2nd - Imperial

3rd - Tash

Graphics Participation: Imperial, Anubis, Keia and Scuslem

1st: Imperial

2nd: Keia

3rd: Scuslem

Inner BT Promo: Scuslem - Imperial – Keia -> Enforcer 2nd Class.

If you didn’t win, then don’t let it discourage you, because for me, you are all winners. We are the Night Hawk Elite my friends, our competitions are to keep us sharp, and to make sure that no one who opposes us can stand for more than a few seconds. We have gained in strength, and we shall become mightier than the mightiest. And even the Vong will tremble when they will hear of our glory!

Upcoming Competitions

A work in progress, since it is new years eve, I may not get around to it. But rejoice, they shall come.


Great power gets bestowed upon you when your rank increases, It is similar to the ones of the Dark Brotherhood itself but is purely fictional.

It was created to give you a boost to be active, and have some fun along with it. As you may noticed, at the beginning of each report I do a little in character story. The higher your rank is the more important role you will get in that story, and you’ll skyrocket to fame because of it. In run on’s we can use it as well, another way to call ourselves and show how far we have grown over time. Here is the rank tree so you can see what you can become.

Training ranks from low to high:


-Enforcer 2nd class



From here it splits up into three departments, each for each order you are in again top is lowest rank and bottom highest,
















Those are the ranks to gain by doing comps, for getting through the training ranks you need to do three comps per rank, no matter if you win or lose, participating is enough to get a comp noted and eventually leads to a promotion. Right now the standings are:

Sith Commander - Ylith Atema – Battlemaster -


Obelisk Trooper - Nero Pennant – Guardian - Trainee

Sith Flight Member - Ekeia Iclo – Guardian – Enforcer 2nd Class

Sith Flight Member - Scuslem – Guardian – Enforcer 2nd Class

Krath Tyro - Telos – Guardian - Trainee

Krath Tyro - Umbra Lux – Protector - Trainee

Krath Tyro - Kraytirous Shalluat – Protector - Trainee

Obelisk Trooper - Tash Dreytila Yamayura - Jedi Hunter - Trainee

Sith Flight Member - Anubis Wrath - Jedi Hunter –_Trainee _

Krath Tyro – Shuang Long – Dark Jedi Knight – Trainee

Krath Tyro – Imperial – Dark Jedi Knight – Enforcer 2nd Class

So we have three people already skyrocketing upwards to awesomeness. I would see all of the Night Hawks to be a Demon, Fallen or Evoker. Lets kick ass and allow me to give you goodies!


Ylith (me) got: Crescent with Topaz Star, Crescent with Emerald star, 12 CF’s

Anubis got: Crescent with Emerald star, 42 CF’s

Keia got: Crescent with Sapphire Star

Scuslem got: 36 CF’s.

Awesome all, keep it up, and I expect to see more awards in the future, and I know I can already write down nine crescents for next report. Coolness.

** Final Word **

You guys and gals were kickass over the past several weeks, barraging me with e-mails asking for every details, working on the wiki’s, getting on IRC, grinding through the competitions. I have to say I am truly pleased of what has been accomplished, and I can only hope to have the honor of keeping this alive throughout the days that I am allowed to be your Battleteam Leader, and now to end in character like I begun:

There is no greater glory for a leader than to have his members standing behind him and to stand tall as one single rock spire amidst a raging ocean. We shall be famed throughout the brotherhood, and when the day comes, we the name of the Night Hawk Elite will bring fear even to the mightiest of Sith!

Go no my children! Wreak havoc and overshadow the light. Continue to thrive and I shall bless you with the greatness only I can offer.



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