Master At Arms Report


Master At Arms Report

Same stuff as before with a little new at the end.

Equite promotion guidelines, learn it, live it, love it

Equite Guide

Good Rec's project, read it

Good Recs

Made a slight change to the family/clan naming policy so that it now clearly states that the current active GM cannot hold a clan or family name but that retired GM's can.

Clan and Family Policy

Two interesting things I've noticed of late that need to be addressed to you leaders that submit recs for medals or promotions.

  1. Do not promise medals or promotions to your members, the only time something is guaranteed is when I approve it. So if you do tell member x that he/she is going to get a promotion to say DJK and then I deny it then you make me look like I'm out to be some sort of bad person who hates said member.

It's also a bad idea to tell said member that their promotion was denied because then said member comes to me in an impolite manner 9 times out of 10 and demands to know why their promotion was denied which will in turn lead me to think that you, the leader, told the member and accused me of being a nazi of some sort and it'll just spiral down from there. So don't do it.

  1. I've seen a lot of people using the rec field as a place to vent their personal vendettas against either certain people or groups. Knock it off. An award, be it promotion or medal, is a way of thanking/congratulating a person on their efforts so it reflects poorly on the submitter to do that. I've remanded enough times for various leaders that by now you guys/gals should have gotten the hint already. Any further incidents about this and I will simply deny the medal.

/end rant

Good work. Any plans on wiki-fying these docs soon? If no one volunteers, I'll be happy to. I'm on a wiki writing kick. =)


I'm shocked that the MAA report actually has somewhat of 'meat' this time. Bravo.


These documents have already had wiki articles written for them:

But thanks for the offer.

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hmmmm will for some reason when i get promoted or denied a promotion or medal that i did not rec for i still get the message. must be coding

just a wild guess, but can it be it was someone's rec from your BT?

If you're the one getting the promotion or medal then you should be getting the email, if you're getting denial emails for your promotions and medals then that's a problem (unless you requested them and Krav is denying them because you shouldn't award yourself). If you're getting emails about promotions/medals, requests, approvals and denials, about the members of your battle team then that's good - leaders get CCed on emails involving the people under them.

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