Deputy Grand Master Report


Deputy Grand Master Report

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Report time. <p>

-> <- <p> Yeah, my report graphics aren't going to be all shiney and set up for the new website yet. Been a bit too busy for 'me-projects'. Next time, i should have it ironed out. (update... that didn't take as long as i thought.)<p>

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Now, what would I need these for?</p><p>
Duga likes thinking ahead. He knows all about how we're planning on getting all the clan possessions set up all nice, and had me do a couple more swords for him. You other consuls have my email addresses.</p><p>
Could this be a new saber for the selector?</p><p>
OMG coding. Shikyo and his staff have been working on getting together some sample warbanner crests for people that are having a hard time getting one together or understanding what they are for. Many hours of their graphicizing and a bunch of me armwrestling the php later, We have a selector set up. About half the symbols are in the initial launch, and the rest will be loaded in as they get used (as it's a first come, first serve, nobody gets the same one sort of deal). You can check this whole shebang out on the Herald's website right here, or go directly to the selector form here. </p><p>


-> <- <p> So, in stores now, they've started rolling out the toys for the 'Force Unleashed' storyline. They have a lightsaber with the collapsable blade that goes from a lightie color to sith red and has focusing tines that spring out when you do. Kinda slick stuff for that line. Also, the Lego stuff is starting out. They have the apprentice's ship out already. <p> Saw some other cool toys. They had a Koffi Arana and Bultar Swan set. It even has a cortosis sword and a severed vader hand to stick in Koffi's chest. Geek levels rise. They also have Darktrooper figures, and a version of anakin from the clone wars with the slug tattoo things on him. <p> The Family Guy 'Blue Harvest' episode DVD came out, and one set has more behind the scenes junk that the trilogy. If you missed that, it was the family guy episode where Peter retells Star Wars. <p>

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Feel your geek levels rise.<p>
Han just wasn't the same after that 'incident' in the imperial gulag...<p>
latex, anyone? I dunno if i'll keep on putting SW chicks in here. Let me know what you think.<p>
even more SW Steampunk.


-> <- <p> Congrats and thanks go to: Jac and Orv and Sil for their work on getting the new sexy site rolling.

Braecen on his return to Plagueis

Eludajae on being knighted

Xathia on being knighted

Orv for getting Priest

Ky for getting promoted to Prelate.

Sildrin on rising to Krath Pontifex

Zaroth for convincing me to go play some EAW and getting promoted to Protector

Well deserved all around. <p>

And that's all for this time. If you guys have any questions, or need any help, shoot me an email, or PM me on IRC. Have fun!

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There are a few who where way ahead of the curve on the sword thing :-P

Yes. Do keep putting in more SW chicks.

I wonder what you need crystals for, Muz. I'd probably make a lightsaber, but the kids nowadays grind 'em up and snort 'em for the buzz.

Thanks for the report. Nice crystals =)

GO LOGAN, KICK MAUL'S ARSE!!! coughs errr... I mean, kill the mutant Darth Maul, show him the power of the Sith! looks about and walks away slow

More chicks! Anywhere I can see these new lightsabers?

More chicks. Always.

I've convinced my very attractive friend to come to the next SW Con with me. I'm going as Darth Caedus and she's going to be Lumiya. Once the costumes are done Muz I'll send you a picture of her.

Yeah, I have that Koffi/Bultar. sniiffff Inhale my geekness!

Aw, but Lumiya is all messed up. Go for Darth Talon - - now she's hot :P

Wolverine would totally kick Maul's ass :P

Darth Talon is pretty much the 2nd hottest Twi'let ever. 2nd only to Aalya.

Actually the sexiest Twe'lik there is, is our very own Impetus. With Darth Talon running a second place to her.

Loving the Sith sword!
At what rank can you craft your own?

As of right now, you can't make your own sith swords. The swords are actually Clan possessions, not personal possessions. Maybe this will change in the future, but if it does, I imagine the rank restriction would be quite high.

I'd rather a Lightsaber over a Sith Sword anyday, anyway.

Sith swords were replaced by the sith for a reason =)

Moar Wimminz in report please

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