Master At Arms Report


Master At Arms Report

Yes here's the typical links that I have you look at about the Equite guidelines, the good rec writing and the clan/family policies.

Good Rec's Project

Equite Guidelines

Family and Clan policies

And now for the fun stuff:

Here's some constant questions I've been asked before and the answers to them.

"Krav what's the difference between remand and deny?"

Remand is when I think the medal or promotion has a good chance to go through if you would only read what I put into the comments as to what needs to be added to the rec. If you make general comments in response to what I asked but not put them in the rec for the sake of answering my questions then I'll just remand it again and say "That sounds great, just add it in and this should go through fine." So save yourself some time and put in the stuff I ask for instead of just putting it in the comments section

Deny is when it basically has no chance at all of going through. Whether it be for one reason or another I deny something because I've read through the rec and all the info you have presented, I've checked out things as best I can, and then come to the conclusion that this medal or promotion shouldn't happen at this time.

"Kraval why do you deny or remand something and ask for more specific information? Don't you trust me to give you the full facts and the truth?"

I don't trust you nor distrust you. I trust that you'll try to do what you feel is right in rewarding your members for whatever contributions they have made. Whether or not that violates some rules, like the double rewarding rule we have, is another matter entirely. That's why I look into things and will request specific info. I'm not doing it because I get sheer enjoyment from having you type more, I'm doing it because I can only see what you tell me and what I can investigate which sometimes doesn't match what you say.

"Kraval how long of a recommendation should I write?"

You can write a 10 page mini-story in someone's recommendation or a simple paragraph or two if you can cover all the essentials. Don't think that just because you write a long rec I won't read it all. To the contrary I will still go line by line and verify what you have said or to see if you have tried to slip in something inappropriate. It may take me longer to read through those rec's, but I'm sure it took you just as long or longer to write them so don't expect a super speedy approval or denial when you write a huge long rec.

That's all for this month's report, look for a competition from me in the next week or so.

Remember kids, I'm here to kick you when you're down and hit you where it hurts.

"Remember kids, I'm here to kick you when you're down and hit you where it hurts."

You sadist.

Feel the <3

I'm just saying what's been said before many times in the past, maybe if I repeat myself enough times people will get it :P

He makes you touch him "down there " for medals too :~(

Kraval....many people after a hundred attempts will never get it, sad but true. Heres a nice saying to live by for those moments when dealing with the masses

"I can lead you to water, however I may have to drown you to get you to drink."

and for those that dont understand that quote: If you didnt get it now, youll never understand it. Keep up young one, you do a fine job :P

I can get you a voice recorder Krav. That way you say it once more and whenever you get the question, press PLAY!

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