Master At Arms Report


Master At Arms Report

It's been one year to the day that I was made MAA. I jokingly once told Sarin that I'd keep an alcohol tab for expenses relating to my work. That tab is sitting at $1000 roughly right now. I have received a Crown Royal jacket along with a few letters from some important person or another from CR thanking me for my purchases, to which I simply email them a link to the DB homepage along with a brief explanation of my job. I have yet to get a reply from any of the emails I send out.

Anyway onto the questions.

What's it like to be on the DC?

It's like being a cheap French harlot

Why don't you delete a duplicate request or competition I made?

Jac took away my delete button, trust me if I still had it I'd use it. As for competition deletions I don’t have that kind of access, so if in the future you need a comp deleted then talk to Jac since he’s the one who does have that access.

Why does my clan to clan transfers take so long to process?

Because I talk to your current clan summit (your PCON and CON) to see how they want it handled. That's why it's been said before and I'll say it again here: talk with your summits and let them know why you are going to another clan BEFORE you make the actual request. That way when I email them and say "What are your guys' thoughts" they can email back and say "We've already talked with the member and it is ok to process so let it go through" and then I'll go over to the admin page and approve your request. Otherwise it becomes a wait game as I and your clan leaders discuss it, then I wait for them to talk to you, and then they come back to me with whatever response they have.

Why can't I change my last name to "blah"?

More than likely it's any one or all of three reasons. You're trying to use a Star Wars cannon name and the site's filters are catching it or if you changed your last name to "blah" then that would be violating the creation of a family rules. Yes there are a few names out there that are in violation of the family creation rules but mistakes happen and sometimes things slip through the cracks. Just because a mistake was made once doesn't mean that it's a precedent set so you can make your last name "blah" as well. The last reason would be because you changed your name under the two month wait period and the site says you need to wait. I rarely if ever make exceptions for this rule so if you're going to pick a new name make sure it's something you want to stick with.

Krav why did you deny this DC for member X but approve it for member Y when they both did the same work?

Welcome to the conundrum of my job. There is no set absolute line for approval or denial of medals or promotions in our system. Each situation is unique in of itself and so each and every time a request is submitted it all depends on the situation. Maybe member X just got promoted and member Y didn't for the work. Like I said, there is not solid line for determining things. Why do you think the guidelines exist? All they are is a group of pages put out there for what is USUALLY looked for when you as a leader are thinking about submitting something for your member be it a medal or promotion. Guidelines are just that and nothing more because each member in this club can do something different. For instance one person can write a 5 page fiction and another can earn 20 CFs in gaming nights. Both are forms of activity and can merit an award of some sort but they're completely different from one another.

Krav why does it take longer for you to process DC+ or DJK+ requests?

I have a new praetor I'm training to eventually take over my job and I want him to evaluate the information presented just as I do myself so it's going to take a bit of time. After being MAA for a year I would think you folks would be used to the fact that I'm not going to rubber stamp requests.

Krav why is there a time in sort of system, doesn't a members work count more than time in?

In my thoughts yes generally work > time but if we went along with that line of thought alone then we'd have a problem. If we ignore time in completely then a person could make DJK in two weeks easily. Within 4 months (if said person was fortunate enough to get into a high leadership spot) then they could get Elder. It's a juggling act somewhat when weighing time vs. work done.

Sarin, I'm going to find out where your unit is stationed and mail you that invoice.

Kraval you are probaly the only person to single handedly out drink Pho and Brae but never Thran. I dont think anyone can do that.


It takes a Sadow to really drink. ;)

And Krav, we have got to teach you to appreciate good whisky. That stuff you're on is just nasty. :P

I say forget about the CR. Switch to Havana Club. Rum is the way to go.

Funny how all the comments as yet are alcohol-related. ;)

Karv, thanks for the insight into how the MAA's Office works. With so many new people in the DB, such peeks into the daily workings of the DC positions are eye-openers for many.

The DC is environmentally friendly. Instead of running on gas, they run solely on alcohol.

And lots of it. =P

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