Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

<head> <title>Class Plagueis ProConsul Report</title> </head>

_ Well I guess that I am back from my LoA. My great-grandmother is still fighting although its still touch and go.

This report will cover the activity over the last few weeks.

I would like to congratulate Alaris on his recent assignment as AED to House Satal Keto

We have also released the Clan Plagueis Military system and we need you to fill in the ranks. You are the body of

this club and it is your charge to help protect our system from threats. [Clan Plagueis Officer


At the bottom of the report is my Star Wars addons =) _

**<big><big>IRC 101


Dont have it? GET IT! While this is not the only medium of

communication in the DB, it is THE main medium of communication. Nothing like gettin real time answers to real time

questions, eh? So go download it today, it is absolutely free and is a relatively small file *you can fit it on a


Again.. go to

Join the 'Undernet' Server and come join us at Channel: #plagueis

**<big><big><font color="#D6D6D6">Recognizable Mentions

</font></big></big>** <font color="#3366FF">



<dt><font color= "#5dfc0a">I love reporting on these =)</font>

<dd>Syphoc Rilkel Kaeth has been promoted from Dark Jedi Knight to Priest


<dt>A Special Award

</dt><dd>Dacien Victae di Plagia has been awarded a Sapphire Blade


**<big><big>Welcome to Plagueis


<dl> <dt>New Members </dt><dd>Make sure you guys make them all feel at home. </dd></dl>

  • Bobula to HEK

  • Alishu to HEK

  • Jarec Shadow to HEK



<font color="#5dfc0a">Since all promotions are super awesome here they are. Congrats your guys!!!</font>

  • Mibos Elott has been promoted from Novice to Acolyte to Protector

  • Reven J.r has been promoted from Novice to Acolyte

  • BraeL has been promoted from Novice to Acolyte

<img src= """>**<big><big> Medals


<font color="#5dfc0a">Great Activity To Those of You That Participated</font>

  • Gaius Julius Caesar: Cluster of Fire x3

  • Vivackus Kavon Crescent with Quartz Star x1, Dark Cross x1, Legion of Scholar x1

  • Maol Nor Lexu: Scroll of Foundation x2

  • Braecen Kaeth: Scroll of Foundation x4

  • Jaysun Adumarii: Crescent with Emerald Star x1

  • Zuo Hagen: Crescent with Quartz Star x1

  • Le'tum: Crescent with Topaz Star x1

  • Maol Nor Lexu: Crescent with Emerald Star x2

  • Koga Kage: Crescent with Quartz Star x1

  • Dismal Dupar: Crescent with Topaz Star x1

  • Alaris Jinn: Legion of the Scholar x1, Dark Cross x1

  • Strats Grimm: Legion of the Scholar x2

  • Alex d'Tana: Dark Cross x1

  • Callus Bo'Amar: Steel Cross x1

  • Syphoc Rilkel Kaeth: Dark Cross x1, Legion of the Scholar x2

  • Seraph Wartooth: Crescent with Emerald Star x1, Crescent with Sapphire Star x1

  • Ziij Ru'Zu: Crescent with Amethyst Star x1

<img src= """>**<big><big> Shadow Academy


<font color="#5dfc0a">Dark Mavens!!!</font>

  • Dacien Victae di Plagia has received Dark Maven- Service

Whether a new member or a returning member, the training and information contained within

these hallowed halls is here for your benefit. Completing SA Courses helps to enhance your knowledge of the Star

Wars world, improves your understanding of Brotherhood history and its terms, and it is a great and easy way to

show activity and desire for early promotions.The Shadow Academy is a resource to all members, beginning with the

basics and moving into more advanced studies.

  • ACO Mibos Elott has completed: Training Saber, HTML Basics, Initiates Course, History of the Sith Empire I,

History of the Sith Empire II, Pre-Republic History, Weapons Basics

  • ACO BraeL has completed: Training Saber, IRC Basics, Sith Core, Lightsaber Studies, Conflict Mediation

  • strats has completed: IRC Channel Operator, Starfighter Studies, Leadership Fundamentals,

  • Jaysun Adumarii has completed: Wiki Basics, History of the Sith Empire II, History of the Sith Empire III

  • Maol Nor Lexu has completed: Clan Plagueis History

  • Silent has completed: Dark Brotherhood Basics

  • Doku Rivendare has completed: Lightsaber Studies

  • Jaden Kyrath Dupar has completed: Weapons Basics

  • Kor VanTil has completed: Hand-to-Hand Combat

  • Alex d'Tana has completed: Chamber of Justice

  • Alishu has completed: Obelisk Core

  • Dacien Victae di Plagia has completed: Hand-to-Hand Combat

<big> Shadow Academy Course of the Week </big>

Every week I would like you guys to concentrate your efforts on 1 course. If you have already done the course of

the week then by all means please do another.

With the upcoming competitions, I would like for everyone to learn the basics of Run-Ons. This will help in our up

coming competitions. So go take the <a">Run-On Studies Course.

<img src= """>**<big><big> Antei Combat Center


  • Callus Bo'Amar has competed in 1 battle and won 1 battle

  • Vengen Stormshadow has competed in 1 battle

  • Kor VanTil has won 1 battle and competed in 1 battle

  • Alaris Jinn has competed in 2 battles and won 1 battle

  • Strats Grimm has competed in 1 battle

  • Le'tum has competed in 1 battle

  • Vivackus Kavon has won 1 battle

**<big><big>Star Wars


<font color="#5dfc0a"> Some Clone Wars Q&A</font>

The world is being reintroduced to the concept of the Clone Wars in anticipation of this August's big-screen debut

of an all new animated Star Wars feature. This week, exhibitors at ShoWest are being given a sneak preview of what

to expect. Check out our reports on the Official Star Wars blog for updates:

<font color="#D6D6D6">What are the Clone Wars?</font>

The term "Clone Wars" describes the three years of conflict between the forces of the Galactic Republic and the

Confederacy of Independent Systems that started about ten years into Chancellor Palpatine's term of office.

<font color="#D6D6D6">Wait... he's been Chancellor for ten years? Aren't there term limitations?</font>

You're right. Palpatine should have stepped down after eight years, but right around that time, a Separatist crisis

started to build as a former Jedi, Count Dooku, began leading hundreds of star systems to secede from the Republic.

The Senate -- the voice of the people of the galaxy -- demanded that Palpatine stay in office to guide the Republic

through this storm.

<font color="#D6D6D6">When would that have been relative to the movies?</font>

About two years before Episode II. Then, in Episode II, the Clone Wars start on Geonosis, and continue for the

period of time between Episodes II and III.

<font color="#D6D6D6">Okay. So, it's clones versus droids?</font>

Clones led by Jedi Knights, yes. And the Separatist fighting force is mostly droids -- the Separatists didn't have

an army until they were able to secure the droid fighting forces from a number of covert corporate backers. But

it's not just droids. With hundreds of star systems opposed to the Republic, some have been able to muster their

own native planetary forces to defend their home turfs.

**<font color="#D6D6D6">If the Jedi are leading the fight, why not call it the Jedi Wars or something? Why


Because it's what made this war so different. In the distant past of the Republic, the Jedi had been involved in

wars against the Sith, but no one had ever seen anything like a cloned army fighting for the Republic.


<center> <a href=""><img

src=""></a> </center>

<font color= "#5dfc0a">Star Wars Celebration Japan to Mark 30th Anniversary of the Star Wars Saga</font>

Three-Day Event at Makuhari-Messe Convention Center Near Tokyo July 19 to 21 Will Be Filled with Entertainment,

Celebrities, Exhibits, Immersive Events, Costumes and Much More

Celebrating the Japanese 30th anniversary of Star Wars, Lucasfilm Ltd. and The Lewis Daniel Group will present the

first-ever Star Wars Celebration event in the Asia-Pacific region from July 19 to 21 at the Makuhari-Messe

Convention Center near Tokyo.

Expected to be one of the largest events ever for fans of the Star Wars Saga, Star Wars Celebration Japan will

begin a little more than 30 years after the movie premiered in Japan on June 24, 1978.

To read the rest of the article<a href=""> Click Here</a>

<img src= ""><b><big><big><font color= "#D6D6D6">Star Wars Shop Item of

the Week</big></big></b>

<font color= "#3366FF">

<center> <a href=""><img

src=""></a> </center>

The LEGO Star Wars Luke Skywalker Maquette was previously a Toys 'R' Us exclusive, but StarWarsShop has managed to

secure 500 units for its loyal customers! Make sure you add this to your growing collection today as it is sure to

sell out quickly.

Standing 6-inches tall, Luke's head is attached magnetically, allowing it to be turned in any direction. The logo

plate is also held magnetically and can be removed for display.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity. This is the final of the five LEGO Star Wars Maquettes produced.

To order : <a href="">Click Here</a>


<font color="red">_ "Verd ori’shya beskar’gam” _


</font> -> <small>

OP Ky Terrak (Obelisk)/PCON/Clan Plagueis [GMRG: IND] [ACC: INI]

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