Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

_Tridens Quaestor Report

Report ID: Update 2

Quaestor: DJK Raiju Kang_

Tridens Quaestor Report

Greetings Tridens,

Sorry for the delay in reporting, I wanted to hold of until project X came into effect. Anyways, as you may have seen it has already, so here's my new Quaestor report.

It's been an interesting past 2 weeks as you might have noticed; new members, new projects, new summit - at least 2/3s new and I use that lightly when referring to Doni. :P But we've still managed on. I must say I am quite proud of the people we have here in Tridens. From everyone like Merlance who is still constantly active to the newest member Ronc who's already made it to Novice. With each of you here, it honestly makes my job easier :P.

So please let me say now; thank you all. ;)

Anyways, as for this report as always I have some updates on the projects, some announcements, a run down of the recent changes, and a brand new report competition for you all!:


Coders: As you might have seen, Jac is having some issues in RL that has delayed things on the coding for the site. If you have any coding ability shoot off an email to the SCL and let her and Jac now.

JST taking apps for Appeals Panel So the JST is taking applications for the appeals panel. If you want to be the JST one day, this would be a great career move for ya. Need to be DJK, have some leadership experience, and passed the CoJ course. If you meet the requirements and want to do the job, send Kir an application.

New MAA DA Syn Kaek has returned as MAA. Congrats to him on it. I personally look forward to seeing what he plans to do. If you haven't sent him some form of congrats, make sure you do ;)

Independence Games As you may have read in Anshar's report, the IGs are returning this year. Expect them to be starting around Exodus (April 12th). Also, look to see some SoLs that day.

New Summit Changes: So I asked Seph to step down so I would have an active Aedile around for the beginning of project X. Luckily I had Doni step up, and since we've been doing great getting things sorted out. Likewise, recently Evant resigned to focus on being a regular member and with that I took applications. If you have seen the site or the IRC channel; our new RM is Elols. Congrats!

Welcome Ronc We had a new member join us the other day as you may have seen from my email to the house list. Already he's managed to get to Novice so congrats, Ronc! Keep up the good work.

Chronicles Updated: So I got the Chronicles updated the other day, I'm gonna send out an email about this with some more suggested topics. Congrats to Szordryn who earned himself a Cr-T and a spot into the thread.

Hero of Tridens: Quick Reminder here that theres a new fiction comp out titled "Hero of Tridens", its about Rekio and the house following Exodus. For it I would like you to give a fictional account of what happened then. On Exodus, the winning entry will be released along with a new feature to the Tridens wiki page.

Project Updates

Recruitment: Well, this project has stopped with Seph on a LoA. Once he gets back, I'll speak with Dock and him about how far they got and where we still need to go with the Rogue section. By mid-april I want all the rogues to have been emailed and invited to Tridens. After that, I have some select pools I want us to start casting our lines into and see what we can reel in, so stay tuned for this. With Tridens now with project X in effect, I want to see both our BTs full with active members by my next house address (May 12th).

Tridens Chronicles: I just updated the thread the other day. Szordryn got a post included in the thread and go a medal for it. Basically since the first house address I made fictionally to the clan; doni as woken up, the house is struggling training our increasing number of journeymen and lack of equites, several ppl have entered their trials, rickson is nearing his, and everyone is feeling tense and sensing a conflict nearing. Will it be with the Vong? The remains of the Hutt organization? Another House? Stay tune to find out.

Tridens Wiki Page: So Ive been researching the history of Tridens. If you are able to see the calendar you will now my due date for this section is approaching but I should be on time. Likewise, other parts are progressing. Both Elols and Szord are working on some designs for the house logo. I'm adding a new section to the wiki with the recent comp about exodus and rekio. Once the history is finished, Ill be moving onto turning it into fiction and using some of what Rekio has on there already. I do need some help with figuring out some details for the listed "noticeable" members, so if you know something about these great people come speak with me.

Story Arcs/Fictional Development: This will now be explained through the Chronicles. Enjoy! :P

Project X:

And so it begins. Today, first thing I did was ask for Elols to be the new RM. Then I asked for all the Elders and Tarentae who weren't fully active to move to the clan unit. After that, all the AWOLs were removed. Finally, each of you were placed into 1 of two teams. The Quaestor's Team and the Aedile's team. Which team you are in, this is the summit member watching over you. They will report on the teams activity, they will promote comps available to you, they'll monitor your activity, and promote/award you when you deserve it. In time this change will develop more fictionally. For the breif moment, just look at them as a visible chart of how we've divided up the administrative duties.

No longer will each summit member look after 20+ members on their own and compare with the others. No longer will we be tied down by hours of going through each of the 20+ members activity and seeing whos ready. Now, we have a core group whom we'll be actively looking out for, and in a smaller group so more time can be given to projects to provide you with fun, and with the time and energy for us to compete ourselves. Now we'll be able to be more familiar with each of the people we are charged with. Ideally, its like in school where the teachers with 30 kids were stressed, while the teachers with 10-15 performed better themselves and their students did.

With everything visibly in effect, you should have all your answers now. if you still ahve questions let me know. Likewise, don't worry about reports. the AED and I will report weekly on each of our teams. Myself will still do bi-weekly reports on the House Unit as a whole. And Elols will be reporting on the progression of new recruits who enter the house following today.

Here's hoping Tridens will set the tread for all the other houses!

Special Thanks

Odin, Elols, and Dock: Thanks to each of you for applying for the position of Rollmaster. I enjoyed reading each of your applications.

Szordryn: Thanks for everything you have done, I know you are busy with RL projects, but yet you still remain active and thoroughly involved in the house on many different levels. Thanks again.


Alright, so I've been slow in responding lately and getting things done. I'm now in my last week of classes, with 2 essays due tomorrow and thursday. Then next week I have 2 exams, and 1 the following week. I lucked out with 2 other take home exams, so that'll be fun. Anyways, as you can see I'm gonna be busy for the next week or so. But the good news is, by the 10th I'll be done the heavy shit and able to be back to my old sense so I ask you be patient with me until then.

After I'm done school this year, im returning to my old job since I still have another year to go. I'll be working there all summer (with an extra 1.50 this year making 12.50 an hour- to me, thats great for a summer job :P) but its strictly weekdays and 8-5:30 so I'll still be around enough. Just not throughout the day. If things get busy, or rough I'll make sure you all know in advance. Alright, peace.


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