Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Tirano was sitting down reading some papers and analyzing the profiles of his new recruits, some of them looked very promising.

DB News:


Fiction Deadlines

Transfer during the IG's

Independence Games

Deputy Grand Master Report

Wiki Tribune Report

IG's - Week Two

Master At Arms Report

In the name of the Season

The Wiki Wants You!

Star Wars News:

None :(

Awards & Promotions:


Crescent with Quartz Star Awarded x 1 - He also followed the secret instructions

IRC Basics Passed

Advancement Survey Completed

Training Saber Course Passed

ACC Initiates Course Passed

Lightsaber Course Passed

Obelisk Core Passed

Promoted to Novice

Promoted to Acolyte


Cluster of Fire Awarded x 6 - ICTE'r :P, hope to see you there next week girl :).

Tirano Yamayura:

Crescent with Quartz Start x 1 - for answering an email with secret instructions :P

If I forgot anything just tell me

DB Interesting Comps:

Mantle of Darkness - Good! :P

Mandalorian vs. Jedi: Persuasion - We love Mandalores!!!!!!

Time of War: Direct Action - I think Raken makes very very very long comps, look all the of the above! - PARTICIPATE!

Extra Notes:

Well for those guys who have been removed from the BT Phoenix Phyle mm to bad for leaving without a LoA if you want to come back well apply and this time be active and tell us when you are leaving for this not to happen again. Also for those who are not active well you are next on my list of people to throw out! :) Thanks guys for staying active and chatting on IRC.

Independent Games play, write, quote and have fun. Don't forget to send the submissions to Sklib and Vodo and if yo don't mind to me because im your BTL :), and i like knowing what my people do.


After a long night of studies he decided to go to the bar were he found Vardar drinking by himself, something that didn't surprise him the former Hex Tetrarch had a strong temper and there were few people who could talk to him without fighting. Tirano got two mugs of ale and approached him.

Krath Tetrach DJK Tirano Yamayura (8268)

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