Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report


<marquee bgcolor="#0000FF" loop="-1" scrollamount="2" width="100%">~~~ Quaestor Report #16 ~~~ 24th April 2008 ~~~ This report is sponsored by Grandma Sarin's Weaksauce; for a dry and wit flavour to all your satisfactory needs. ~~~</marquee>

Dark Greetings House Marka Ragnos,

It's report time again... and this time I have stuff to write about... Yay! Read on true believers and remember... Grandma Sarin's Weakness is now only $5 a bottle, all money goes to charity (well, I doubt our beer fund is really charity but lets have Sarin assume it is. :P)


Independence Games 2008

The IG's are still ongoing (and will be till the 14th May) so get in as many entries as you can. Click here to go to see which events are running!

Enter the Progeny of Ragnos

The Progeny and Scions of Ragnos are the chosen few who show promise of

greatness, loyalty and leadership to the House of Marka Ragnos and its


To enter this elite and honored status one must prove their worth in

several ways. The prospective Progeny must be observed to posses

leadership skills. Therefore each month a scenario will be given out.

The prospective Progeny must submit a written document describing how they

would handle the situation and why.

The current scenario can be found here:


There is no length requirement but one should be as detailed as possible.

Start Date: 4/19/2008

End Date: 5/19/2008

Unit in Competition: House Marka Ragnos



Word doc, rtf, or email


5th Level Crescent for top 3

Winner satisfies requirements for entry into the Progeny of Ragnos

Super AWOL Check

Following the completion of the IGs, Jac and I will be running a Super AWOL Check. Basically, during a Super AWOL Check, we deactivated everyone’s dossiers (the entire DJB) and you are required to log back in to reactivate it. All members at or above a certain rank (DJK I believe it is) who don’t reactivate will have their dossiers deactivated but will be able to login again at a later time. Those below DJK who do not reactivate will have their dossiers deleted. Do not hold me to those rank levels; I have to ask the Jac to be sure.

Right from the mouth of our MAA; because of this I am not going to run a House AWOL check. Battleteam Leaders please keep running your AWOL checks as normal, what I will do is simply remove the inactive member from your team. So basically "lurkers" beware as you may find yourself without a dossier after the IG's have finished.

IRC Role Play

So far we dont have a system but that shouldnt stop us, so feel free to join the RP channel (#disciples_of_ragnos) and change the topic to RP IN SESSION. Let's just get out there and explore live role play; oh those who dont want to RP are welcome to stay in the room... just dont do interfere with crude comments or snide remarks. :P

House Prospectus

Wow... Havent I completed this yet? It seems I havent... Any takers on wanting to help me finish this please drop me a e-mail on what needs to be done. You can also click here and see how much has already been completed.

Quaestor Real Life

I went to the dentist yesterday morning to have a filling. Ted, the dentist, stuck a needle in my mouth and it went numb. He then went drilling away. To be honest it wasnt that bad, all I had was an old filling replaced and a new one put in. I even got to listen to my iPod as he drilled and scarped away.

I had to endure the rest of the endure the numbness; it was about 4pm that I decided to make a nice cup of tea... and you wont believe it... the numbness vanished. So news flash people... a cup of tea is the cure to a numb mouth after going to the dentist.


Master Level

Lord Paladin Avatar of the Dark Doctrine

Lord Muz Keibatsu Sadow Avatar of the Dark Doctrine

Third Level of Ascension

Faeril Munlear Cleric and former Hand of Ragnos

Second Level of Ascension

Nekura Manji Keibatsu Zealot/Advocate/Custodian

Raistlin Sadow Zealot/Advocate/Custodian

Janos Silverwulf Zealot/Advocate/Custodian

Zaxen Dauketrenal Zealot/Advocate/Custodian

Zaroth Kalikrayye Zealot/Advocate/Custodian

First Level of Ascension

Raven Dremora/Defender/Keeper

Tyren Atema Dremora/Defender/Keeper

Vladek Dremora/Defender/Keeper

Devani Kiriana Maharet Dremora Caste [confirmed]

Shuang Long Dremora/Defender/Keeper

Nero Pennant Dremora/Defender/Keeper

Teu Dremora/Defender/Keeper

Tritherus Dremora/Defender/Keeper

Vizier Level

Morrigan Ryukossei Vizier of the Dark Doctrine

Scuslem Vizier of the Dark Doctrine

Ekeia Iclo Vizier of the Dark Doctrine

Storm Vizier of the Dark Doctrine

Telos Vizier of the Dark Doctrine

VanWyck Vizier of the Dark Doctrine

Kyrath Amaranthi Vizier of the Dark Doctrine

Kraytirous Shalluat Vizier of the Dark Doctrine

Jalor klenstan Vizier of the Dark Doctrine

Arfalax Vizier of the Dark Doctrine

Mordaki Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

Kazimirn Radoslav Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

Kantar Sinas Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

Zeliek Rivendare Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

bass.ex Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

darkvain Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

Azora Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

khaligh napoleon Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

Mortis DeferoDisciple of the Dark Doctrine

dark jedi hitarro Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

Rinati Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

Kathasios Kaijar Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

Tester300 Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

So far I only have two confirmed caste, so please either e-mail me or leave a comment on the report what caste you want to be in. For more information on the castes and levels please click here.


his Holiness,

Dark Patriarch Megos XXI of Onderon


Unpaired Students

These Journeymen are currently not paired… Now is a chance for all Dark Jedi Knights and above to take on the role a Master and tutor one (or two) of these hopefuls to Knighthood.

Protector Kyrath Amaranthi [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]]

Protector Kraytirous Shalluat [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]]


UPATED: 4/16/2008 - 4/24/2008




Tyren Atema has been awarded a Anteian Cross (4/18/08)

Tritherus has been awarded a Dark Cross (4/22/08)

Teu has been awarded a Dark Cross (4/22/08)

Vorion has been awarded a Dark Cross (4/22/08)

Zaroth Kalikrayye has been awarded a Dark Cross (4/22/08)

Zaxen Dauketrenal has been awarded a Dark Cross (4/22/08)

Shadow Academy



Tritherus has been promoted from Protector to Guardian (4/24/08)


As always here are also the usually links for you know and use to grow better accustomed to life on the other side of the fence as a Special Ops Commander:


Alabrek Castle


D-SOG Troopers

Dlarit Corporation

D-SOG Dark Jedi Roster

<marquee bgcolor="#0000FF" loop="-1" scrollamount="2" width="100%">By order of Governor Isradia, all Dlarit Special Ops Commanders within the Tarthos Division shall be split into three combat units; Epsilon [Primary Strike Force], Delta [Secondary Strike Force] and Zeta [Auxiliary Strike Force]. Each unit is led by a Marshal Commander. Thank you.</marquee>



<li type="disc">Marshal Commander Paladin

</li><li type="disc">Senior Commander Ashura Megos Isradia

</li><li type="disc">Senior Commander Tyren Atema

</li><li type="disc">Senior Commander Devani Kiriana Maharet

</li><li type="disc">Commander Jades "Imperial" Atema LoA

</li><li type="disc">Commander Alexander Anderson

</li><li type="disc">Lieutenant Commander Vorion

</li><li type="disc">Lieutenant Commander Zaxen Dauketrenal

</li><li type="disc">Lieutenant Commander Zaroth Kalikrayye

</li><li type="disc">Lieutenant Commander Teu

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander VanWyck

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Jalor klenstan

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Kantar Sinas

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander darkvain

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Mortis Defero




<li type="disc">Marshal Commander Raistlin Sadow

</li><li type="disc">Senior Commander Nekura Manji Keibatsu

</li><li type="disc">Senior Commander Tsainetomo Keibatsu

</li><li type="disc">Commander Shuang Long LoA

</li><li type="disc">Lieutenant Commander Scuslem

</li><li type="disc">Lieutenant Commander Ekeia Iclo

</li><li type="disc">Lieutenant Commander Storm

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Mordaki

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Kyrath Amaranthi

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Arfalax LoA

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Zeliek Rivendare

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Azora LoA

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Hitarro

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Kathasios Kaijar

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Tester300




<li type="disc">Marshal Commander Janos Silverwulf Sadow

</li><li type="disc">Senior Commander Raven

</li><li type="disc">Senior Commander Vladek

</li><li type="disc">Senior Commander Morrigan Ryukossei Jade LoA

</li><li type="disc">Commander Alector Isradia

</li><li type="disc">Lieutenant Commander Telos

</li><li type="disc">Lieutenant Commander Tritherus LoA

</li><li type="disc">Lieutenant Commander Nero Pennant LoA

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Sakura Haruno

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Kraytirous Shalluat

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Robert Goldbear

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander bass.ex

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Khaligh Napoleon

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Rinati



All in all, another great week for our members. As always my door is always open, [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or just look for Ashura on IRC.

For the glory of Sadow, and House Marka Ragnos

Sith Battlemaster Ashura Isradia

Knight First Class

Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos

Governor of Tarthos

ISDII Harbinger Commissar

D-SOG Senior Commander

Keeper caste if you please

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