Aedile Report


Aedile Report

HLK Aedile Report #6


Welcome to another report from your favorite demented alchemist. Yayy!

First off, Congrats to my apprentice Naiia. Not only has she survived being my apprentice so far, she managed to get herself promoted to Guardian. Well done!

Considering I killed about 5 other apprentices in training, this is a good thing. Well, and there’s the one that I crossed with a… ah, nevermind. Heh.

IG’s continue. I’ve submitted to 2 events so far, and have another submission in the works. Let’s keep up the good work. I’ve seen some entries from the House.

Remember to cc your summit on your entries so we can keep track of ya.

Breaking News:

You can now once again get a Dark Side Scroll by helping audit the wiki pages. Dark Side Scrolls are cool, help you advance in Clan powers, and since the Dark Voice was disbanded are next to impossible to get. Check out the front page of the main website for more details. Tron could use your help!

Also, there is a poll up in the polling center. The questions are:

  1. When do you want to see the next GJW?

  2. Do you want to see a new Clan at the expense of losing a Clan?

  3. What projects do you want to see next?

To take the poll, just log into your account on the DJB website and go to the admin section. There you can enter your choices. These are important questions, so I encourage each of you to go answer. I see that both Fenris and Sai have done so, so congrats and thanks for the work guys.

Welcome back to my old apprentice Eldrad Sin. He’s a bad@$$ graphics artist, and is responsible for my signature on the forums. I missed him, and am glad he’s back in Sapphire drinking Bob’s beer.

Welcome also to Jezebel Hellstorm and Feral_Sith who joined us recently in HLK. You’ve just joined the First House of Clan Naga Sadow.

I leave you with an excerpt from one of my fictions, the “Artifact Hunt” written when I was a JH:

“The Silooth slid neatly to a halt in a clearing near the crater, repulsors glowing.

As the landing gear opened and the bay door hissed open aboard the StarWing, Macron scanned the area. After he finished with the electrobinoculars, he turned to the Force. He could feel the teeming life in the Jungle. There were many small things about as well as a few predators. He cackled to himself. A wise predator would be sure to avoid this eager Jedi Hunter. Predators were simply animals, and Macron was much nastier than that. He really enjoyed killing more than any beast could.

He could sense a cold spot nearby with the vision imparted by the Force. This area seemed devoid of energy, a dark area in the Force. Macron had found the spot. A quick swipe of his hand removed a layer of vegetation, allowing the young Sith to see hull markings. The numbers matched, and Macron knew he had found the cockpit of Naarsin’s vessel. The void in the Force around the pilot’s bubble was nearly complete.

A spray of alchemical solvent revealed a horrific sight through the glass of the cockpit. A burned and withered corpse lay strapped into the seat, bony claws still clutching the remains of the controls. The skull leered in a rictus of death. Macron was surprised that a body would remain so intact after thousands of years. He knew the answer lay in the Force. The remains decayed slowly due to the potency in the Force of the man who once wore this flesh; a true Sith warrior.”

cheers, Macron


SWL Mononoke "Macron" Keibatsu Sadow

Fourth Caste of the Inner Order

Consul Emeritus

Aedile of HLK

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