Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

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Fresh from one of his numerous victories in the Independence games in the Art of Dueling, Dante took a break from the action to compose his report. Thinking about how the Games were progressing took his mind away from doing his report as Rollmaster. He and Revvy were doing a good job of trying to keep up with the duelists from Taldryan, but they were sorely missing Jack in the combat events of the Games. Hopefully, Dante's trainee in the Art of War would make an appearance over the next two weeks, but there were signs that his slack may have been picked up by the Givin, Melvin, and a new arrival, Lailoken. Although neither was an expert, they were starting to win more and more matches against their enemies. Only time will tell if the combined forces of Scholae Palatinae would defeat the mighty Taldryan onslaught or the rising challenge from Arcona.


I bring forth this wonderful report on the status of the noobs of House Dorimad Sol. Since my last report, we have had the honor of promoting two of our own into the rank of Dark Jedi Knight: Robin Hawk and Korvyn. Congrats to them both.


Robin Hawk to DJK

Korvyn to DJK

Melvin to JH

Zin Zalabim to PRT

New Arrivals:

PRT Zin Zalabim

APP Bardock

APP Tollo

APP jidius


Roll of Journeyman (below DJK)_**

JH Tiberius Wolf Mandalore

JH Tashlan Dreytila von Hesselschwerdt (LOA)

JH Melvin

PRT Rohak Althair

PRT Bal Comas

PRT Zin Zalabim (LOA)

NOV Castor Roke

NOV Zephyr

APP DarkLadyLena

APP Nigel

APP Kruhl

APP Xiphieus

APP Bardock

APP Tollo

APP jidius

Current HDS Master/Apprentice Pairings

SBL Thran Occasus == Tashlan

OT Prajna Berkana == Bal Comas

OT Dante == Camord, Melvin

SWL Maximus Raidoner Mandalore == Tiberius Wolf Mandalore

OP Daniel Stephens == Pertinax Yadar Mandalore

DJK Korvyn == PRPT Zin Zalabim

Once a member has reached the rank of PRT, he will be assigned a Master. Please talk to Lucien if you are a non-mastered PRT or above, or you are an ACO about to be promote to PRT.

Remember.... activity is important, and we are in the middle of the Independence Games, so GET ACTIVE!



Rollmaster of HDS

Dark Paladin

Thran's Enforcer

OT Angelo Dante (Obelisk)/LHoJ-RM-TRP/Dorimad Sol of Scholae Palatinae [ACC: CL:1]

AC-ToSH / DC-CP / SN / BN / Cr-7R-6A-7S-13E-5T-5Q / PoB-AuL / CF-SpF / DSS / SI-BL / SoL / LS-AuL / S:-11P


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