Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Blades of Chaos Battle Team Leader Report

Cethgus sat silently in his office for the first time in weeks. But he knew that it was not going to last for long due to the current action that the team had seen. He had seen a lot of things in his time and was not one for sitting back in the battle field. But he had some things to do in his office and was quietly sitting their when a knocking sound came from his door.

“Enter” Cethgus

The door slide open and Robin Hawk entered the room. Swiftly walking into the room she let out a little nod out towards her commanding officer she took a seat opposite him and started to talk with him about the actions that has to e done.



Well what can I say apart from the IG’s are still going. So this means people in this team remember that you can only do what time allows you too. So I only want you to do as much as you can, the more you do the better. But of course Real Life before the brotherhood. So guys keep plowing through and get as much done as ya can. The link is below:



Yet again another load of medals you guys managed to get this week. Keep up the amazing work and keep my email full. So the following people got medals:

Cethgus – Scroll of Foundation

Angelo Dante: 6CF’s, Crescent with Quartz Star, Dark Side Scroll

Melvin: 2CF’s, Dark Cross

Robin Hawk: Legion of the Scholar, Dark Side Scroll


You guys just can’t get enough of the exams, but I know the IG’s are on but how are you all doing exams lol:

Melvin: Krath Core Passed


Remember if you need work guys, just at any time drop me an email or PM and I will find something for you to do asap.

Cethgus out


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