Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report


<table border cols="1" width="100%" bgcolor="blue"> <tr> <td>INTRODUCTION</td> </tr> </table>

Another week in Sapphire. Another lame report from your Commander.

<table border cols="1" width="100%" bgcolor="blue"> <tr> <td>REPORT SUMMARY</td> </tr> </table>

  • Independence Games 08

  • Elite Battleteam War

  • Coming and Going

  • Promotions and Awards

<table border cols="1" width="100%" bgcolor="blue"> <tr> <td>FRESSH NEWS</td> </tr> </table>

#001 - Independence Games 08

Still our Top Priority.

Keep participating everyone.

IG 08: click here.

#002 - Elite Battleteam War

The War continues. Everyone continue to take part in the IG events and we will continue to be the best of CNS.

#003 - Coming and Going

Lets Start with Coming:

SW Eldrad Sin

And now Going:


#004 - Awards and Promotions

Lets Start with Awards:

Dark Side Scroll - Fenris

And now Promotions:

Guardian Naiia Munlear

<table border cols="1" width="100%" bgcolor="blue"> <tr> <td>THE USUAL SUSPECTS</td> </tr> </table>


Commander Stuff.

Submitted IG #21.

Submitted IG #28.

SW Tsingtao Ming

IRC Activity.

Submitted IG #27.

Submitted IG #29.

SW Eldrad Sin

Joined Sapphire.

IRC Activity.

GRD Fenris

IRC Activity.

Temporary WIKI Auditor work.

Submitted IG #19.

Submitted IG #29.

GRD Naiia Munlear

No Activity.

Open Position

Open Position

Open Position

Open Position

Open Position

Open Position

Open Position

Open Position

_NOTE: No Activity doesn't mean you didn't do a damn thing...It just means I just didn't see you do a damn thing :P

Also, if you don't tell me about it I can't report it._

<table border cols="1" width="100%" bgcolor="blue"> <tr> <td>CONCLUSION</td> </tr> </table>

A very very quiet week which leaves me not much to report. The IG's are about the only thing going on. Remember to continue to submit and let me know when you do, so I can keep track for the BT War. We are currently in the lead with 16 points, so keep up the good work all.

That is all!

SBL Robert Atema Daragon(Sith)/CMDR/Ludo Kressh of Naga Sadow

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