Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

I’m back from LoA and am starting to have a feeling of less stress than before, so I’ll try to be more active in the Independence Games and House activities. This is an early report if you consider May 1st is a few days away, figured I’d get it out of the way now before RL jumps up to bite me in the rear again!

BT News:

Kalak has been busy! He’s received the Anteian Cross as recognition of all the hard work he’s put into the House and Clan. He’s also received a Scroll of Foundation for his contributions to the SA. Kalak has also finished several SA courses with flying colors! Good Job!

Timbal has received a Dark Side Scroll for services rendered as Temporary Wiki Editor. Awesome Timbal!

Anga (me) has gotten a promotion to Krath Priestess, after four years as a Dark Jedi Knight!!!! Must be a record or something 

House News:

We need to be as active as possible when it comes to the Independence Games. We need to show our talent as writers and be proud of the fact that we’ve helped design and launch this year’s games!

Clan News:

ATTENTION! Consul Phoenix has decreed that ANY changes made to articles that are related to ANY Battleteam, House, or the Clan, must be approved by the respective House/Clan Summit. No exceptions!

Participate in the Independence Games.

Submit articles for consideration in The Royal Gazette. If you have an interview that you've always wanted to do, or a funny comic strip, or information about current events INCLUDING the Independence Games, please submit to the editor at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] by May 20th. We go to print on June 1st.

DB News:

Independence Games are on:

Grand Master Sarin has some polls to see what you’d like added to the club.



Anga SalinasKalak Ragnose

TimbalYeldarb Vohokou

Uzbad Zol TamalarNatth a’Niel Palpatine

We stand at 6 members with room for 6 more.


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