Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Tyrens test to come in the next few reports


  Night Hawks have been challenged for the title of the ultimate Battle Team in CNS. We need to show u bob and the Sapphire Squadron and keep out title. Lets keep it not only with the Night Hawks but with in HMR!!  

 The thing here is you need to participate in the Interdependence Games. Each thing you do is worth points:  

 Submitting is worth 2 points  

  First Place is 15 points  

  Second Place is 10 points  

  Third Place is 5 points  

You need to CC me on your entries into the competition, and remember each time you enter it shows your activity and helps you to retain the title of the BEST BATTLE TEAM OF CNS!!!

OCC: A reminder that AT LEAST ONE BATTLE TEAM COMPETITION MUST be done in order for you to remain in the Night Hawks. However with this new challenge I will accept any submission to the Interdependence Games.


Krath Tetrarch—BTL--Jade Imperial--Dark Jedi Knight--Fallen

Sith Flight Member—Teu—Guardian—Enforcer

Krath Tyro—Zaxen Dauketrenal—Jedi Hunter—Enforcer

Sith Flight Member - Ekeia Iclo – Jedi Hunter – Hawk

Obelisk Trooper—Zaroth Kalikrayye—Jedi Hunter—Enforcer Second Class

Krath Tyro—Tyren Atema—Preist—Listener

We say good bye to

Krath Tyro—Tritherus—Guardian—Enforcer


Tritherus was promoted to Guardian!!! Awesome job!!!

Zaroth was promoted to Jedi Hunter!!! Amazing work kid!!! Keep it up!!

Within the Night Hawks

Zaroth is promoted to Enforcer Second Class!!!

Keep it up all of you!!!


Below you will see where you are at, and what you need to do to get higher up! For now the standings are as followed:

Ekeia--> 2x comps for Vulture

Zaroth-->2x comps for Enforcer

Teu2X comps for Hawk

Zaxen Dauketrenal1X comps for Hawk

Tyren3X comps for Warlock


JUST DO THE IG!!!!!!!!!!!!! (

However Zaxen has his own competition out called Enter the Progeny of Ragnos:

The Progeny and Scions of Ragnos are the chosen few who show promise of greatness, loyalty and leadership to the House of Marka Ragnos and its

Disciples. To enter this elite and honored status one must prove their worth in several ways. The prospective Progeny must be observed to posses leadership skills. Therefore each month a scenario will be given out. The prospective Progeny must submit a written document describing how they would handle the situation and why.

The current scenario can be found here:

There is no length requirement but one should be as detailed as possible.

Start Date: 4/19/2008

End Date: 5/19/2008

Shadow Academy Courses:

None this itme around. I would say get out and do them, and totally go for it, but right now Concentrate on those IG!!!


Tyren- Anteian Cross—Awesome Job!

Zaroth-Dark Cross—Great Work!!

Zaxen –Dark Cross

Amazing work!!

Tritherus- Dark Cross—Great Job!!

Teu-Dark Cross—High Five!! Great work!!

Jade- Dark Maven in Writing

Wow so many crosses that’s AMAZING all!!! See all that hard work Pays off!! Congrats to each one of you!!!!!


 Remember to take part in the IG games! This is very important and it helps your BT to kick it and show everyone just why YOU ARE CALLED THE NIGHT HAWK ELITE!!! We know we ARE, so let’s show it to the rest of the clan!!!


Jade Atema- I’m going on vacation with a bunch of teens from my pathfinder group so will be gone for a few days. Will still be around though if you need to get a hold of me by email I just won’t be responding very fast.

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