Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

## Hex Report

Hello all! Before I start, I'd just like to say, we'll miss you as Aedile Vodo and good luck with all of the real life stuff about to hit you. It's time for another Hex Tetrarch report, which for once isn't at all late. I've decided to bring it up a gear, and be a proper Battle Team Leader. I've pretty much decided to lay off on the report banners, unless somebody is willing to make me some. Enjoy the read everybody!

<center>### NEWS </center>

<center>#### -=[-]=- Star Wars News -=[-]=-

Unfortunately, I have nothing to fill this section with. Moving onto DB News!

-=[-]=- Dark Jedi Brotherhood News -=[-]=-

New Polls
Darth Sarin has released three new important polls, from economies to Great Jedi Wars. The results should be quite interesting, and provide some ammusement in the end. Vote GJW for October 08!

MAA Report Released
Our esteemed Master at Arms Kaek has released a lengthy report, which we all knew was coming sooner or later. It has a few details on future plans such as modifying some Dark Jedi Brotherhood documents, that he created back when he was the Master at Arms in his first tenure. One of these important changes is the 'No DJK without a merit medal' change, meaning if you're not a JH with a merit medal, don't count on becoming a DJK until you get one.

Headmaster Competition Results
Headmaster Aabsdu has released the winners of his competition, so congratulations to all that participated, and Dinaari's Rollmaster Jerse who won the competition overall.

Independent Games
We are now in week three of the Independent Games, and so far I have received little to no activity in this department, which saddens me slightly. The event is now half over, and you still have three more weeks to get some more submissions. All I ask is that you guys do at least two each.

-=[-]=- Taldryan, Ektrosis, Hex -=[-]=-

Clan Taldryan
Sadly, this section is dull, as there isn't much going on with this part of my report.

House Ektrosis
Our Aedile Vodo Biask has decided to step down due to upcoming real life issues, which saddens us all. Vodo was my first Aedile, and the guy kicked-ass, literally. Always there to talk when somebody needed him, and needed to have their questions answered.

In lieu of Vodo's resignation, our Quaestor Hel-Pa Sklib has decided to open the position up to applications. Applications will be accepted for two weeks, so that leaves people some time to decide whether they wish to apply, and give them time to write up an application. Good luck to everybody in the run.

The Battle Team's of Ektrosis website has been moved to the website, and you can find the sleek new stuff here if you wish to take a peek. It's a nice little site that I randomly decided to put together, formerly being hosted on which all in all wasn't the best idea. The new site went up late friday night, and I continued to work on it through saturday.

Currently, it's at a standstill until I can find somebody with PHP and SQL coding knowledge to code the feedback comment database, as well as get some new ideas. If you have any new ideas, just [Log in to view e-mail addresses] by clicking the words 'email me' with the subject being 'WEBSITE' and I'll gladly take a look. I plan on expanding the website after recieving some new ideas, so stay tuned!


Jendan: Jendan continues to advance through the ranks, now a Protector!

Anubis Annedu Wrath: Anubis Annedu Wrath earned a Dark Side Scroll!


No transfers out, no transfers in!

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