Aedile Report


Aedile Report

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Brothers and Sisters of Satal Keto

Sorry about the delayed report, here's a two week report for all y'all.

We're still all up in those Independence Games of 2008! How many have YOU done thus far? Do you like writing fiction? Great! Lots of stuff for you to do! How about Drawing or Graphics? Lots of stuff for you as well. Or maybe you're a poet, even if you don't even know it. (Ha!) Then there's stuff for you, too. Let's show the Brotherhood that Clan Plagueis, especially House Satal Keto, is the greatest group in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood!


Jadeite promoted to NOV
Ashron promoted to NOV

Congratulations, you two!


Vivackus Kavon won a Crescant /w Quartz Star. Congrats Vivackus!


The Independence Games!

Shadow Academy

Jadeite completed the IRC Basics Course
Ashron completed the Dark Brotherhood Basics, Lightsaber Studies, and Obelisk Core Courses.

Keep up the good work!


Only two weeks left in the Indepenced Games of 2008. Remember you get one Seal for every event you submit to, and then more depending on if you place, and how high you place! That Challenge in the ACC is still open to anyone who thinks they can take me. Bring it!

Darkness Guide You,

DJK Alaris Jinn (Obelisk)/AED/Satal Keto of Plagueis

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