Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report


Well not much is being reported. Waiting for you guys to tell me what your working on. Tell me everything and if you need a task or something, just ask.


Pretty much the same, if your LOA tell me. I need to know for an AWOL check and I have a Conclave coming up and if they ask I'll be screwed if I don't know.


Please tell me if you guys want to chat on IRC so I can help with your promotions.


Comings- Thaladred Darkhan

Goings- None


Me- Anteian Cross

Note: Tell me when and what you got for awards so I can report it.


Check the page for listings.

Final Thoughts

I'm very disappointed in the fact that no one had done my Training Comp. Also, if you start disrespecting me, I'll have to take a drastic course of action.

Thanks for reading and remember to send me your thoughts.

TET Davin Olar

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