Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

House Dinaari Intern Rollmaster Report – April 29, 2008

Welcome to my Dinaari Intern Rollmaster Report. This is my first ever report written for the DB, so some nice feedback would be appreciated. First off I would like to say it has been a great experience serving my House like this. I also want to wish best of luck to the next Intern, it’s a great opportunity.

As we all know (because of all the reminders) the IGs are going on. this is a great way for our Journeymen to show their activity and earn those rare Seals. Don’t use up all your energy on the low-down IGs, save it for something like the GJWs. But still pwn for Dinaari & Taldryan.

For more details or more house news check out our QUA and AED newly released reports. Also CON Halcyon Rokir released his report. So go check them all out.

Ektrosis’s Aedile, Vodo has stepped down. Skilb is now accepting application for the position. This is another great opportunity for Journeymen.

Many Journeymen may receive upcoming Merit Medals, due to the fact that all activity from last month, this month and next month will be put together.

Journeymen Status

-Welcome APP Sage Everlight, APP Vorhuan, our newest member APP Randar Fond.

-We have another one coming back from the rouges GRD Zhilvinas.

-JH Bran Redmow is back from the Rouge.

-NOV Adrian Agrippa promoted to ACO.

-APP Batmanuel promoted to NOV.

-ACO Adrian Agrippa completed 9 SA Exams.

-JH Bran Redmow completed 2 SA Exams.

-JH Taigikori Aybara completed 3 SA Exams.

-ACO Adrian Farenheight, APP Sage Everlight & myself completed 1 SA Exam.

-JH Taigikori Aybara & JH Sidarace Rathden qualified with the ACC.

-JH Taigikori Aybara earned 193 CFs, JH Sidarace Rathden earned 29 CFs, & NOV Batmanuel earned 6 CFs.

-JH Taigikori Aybara received a Crescent with Emerald Star, a Dark Side Scroll and two Scrolls of Indoctrination.

-DJK Debric received a Crescent with Topaz Star.

-JH Corax "Baron" Zarjin received a Crescent with Quartz Star.

-JH Sidarace Rathden received a Dark Side Scroll.

-I received a Dark Side Scroll and one Scroll of Indoctrination.

-JH Taigikori Aybara became the M:HM, and was chosen to serve a Sentire Taldryae.

A majority of our Journeymen were active this month. This is very good to see.


House Level

-All April Competitions end tomorrow, so get them in.

-A Lesson in Galactic History (Ends on 5/31)

-Vlad's Easter Egg Hunt (Ends on 7/31)

Clan Level

-A New Hope: Tal Trivia (Ends on 12/31)

-Tal Times: Vol. 4 Issue 3 (Ends on 5/30)

DB Level

-Mantle of Darkness (Ends on 05/30)

-Mandalorian vs. Jedi: Persuasion (Ends on 05/30)

  • Time of War: Direct Action (Ends on 05/30)

-Gaming Nights (Ends on 12/31)

-ICTE Gaming (Ends on 12/31)


It has been great serving as the Intern. I’ve learned a lot of things that will help me in my future. I would like to say that we had some nice activity throughout the House. Good luck to the next intern, and as always I will still be around, so feel free to send me a email or catch me on IRC. I am always out to help a fellow house member. Have a good week everyone.

GRD Jerse Remid ~ Intern Rollmaster of House Dinaari

GRD Jerse Remid (Obelisk)/RM-EP/Dinaari of Taldryan [ACC: INI]

Cr-2S-3E-2T-1Q / DSS / SI-BL / LS-BL


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