Herald Report


Herald Report

So, I’d like to start by announcing that Magistrate Archangel has decided to step down. He has been a valued asset to the Herald’s Office and I am grateful for his time and dedication. For his work, he has been awarded a Steel Cross. To add to this note, Praetor Tyren has been awarded an Anteian Cross for his work as a leader in CNS, as well for the work he has done thus far. Congratulations to both of them! One final award note, I got a Dark Side Scroll. Woot for me!

With all this said, I am looking for a new Magistrate. Here are my requirements:

-Must have Photoshop CS2

-Prefer BTL or lower, (no major leadership positions)

-Examples of artwork done

-I’d like to see an attempt of a lightsaber hilt done

-Ability to work under deadlines and alongside the current members of the Staff

-What lightsaber form are you? (Not which one are you studying)

May 9 will be my deadline for applications.

Finally, I’m displaying the link to the Warbanner Emblem Guide for those interested. Be advised that Numbers 1 and 11 have been taken.



Koidyis Soilatus

Corin Nal’kethar

Zaroth Kalikrayye

Rho d’Tana





Completed by Tyren:

Tyren’s been busy with real life work so we’ve been easing the slack on him. :-)

Angelo Dante

Completed by Archangel:

Alaris Jinn


Completed by Tyren:

Rho d’Tana

I’m hired on at my job and making the money like a pimp in Atlanta. So, I want to address an issue that is dear to my heart: DragonCon. This year, I will not be attending as this is my first year in college and I want to get a feel for that. In 2009, we’re taking the place. I got some ideas on images, graphic things and such to help us campaign there. For those of you who don’t know DCon, it is one of, if not, the largest sci-fi/fantasy conventions in the U.S.

This thing is insane. There’s tons to see and do, tons or partying, and plenty of geeky chicks to create waterfalls of drool for any male geek. This is a way to meet more members, receive Scrolls of Indoctrination, and maybe something a little more zazzy. It does rock, check it out on the net: www.dragoncon.com/ . That’s all that I’ve got. Make sure those apps. Are sent in on time!

If anyone needs me, please feel free to email me or find me on IRC at #HRLD_office. Stats will be at the end of this paragraph. Peace out my homies!

Robes: 2

Lightsabers: 26

Warbanners: 112

Miscellaneous: 130

-SBL Shikyo Sasuke Keibatsu

Herald of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Samurai of the Keibatsu Bloodline

Photoshop CS3 is out of the question, then?

The URL is actually www.dragoncon.org

I just found out that Photoshop CS3 is alright to use. Also, thanks for the correction, Tsingtao! :-)

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