Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Report ID: CBO_03

Date: 4_30

OT Callus Bo’Amar

Callus wiped his brow with a towel as he plopped down behind his desk. He wiped some of the sweat from his face, neck, and hands as he activated the holorecorder.

Greetings all from the Rollmaster! Again another exciting week for the clan with the IG’s rocking and rolling. Just to let you all hear the answer to the question I know is at the front of your minds. The IG’s are ending May 13th-ish so go and get all the events done because the top performer in each clan will get something special along with all of his or her seals that they’ve earned.

Also mucho gracias to Famosus for my report graphicos!


The big news this week is…

THE INDEPENDENCE GAMES!! I know you thought it was going to be something else, sorry no. It’s the biggest event we’ve had all year and we should all still be super psyched about it. I know I am and now that my exams are all but wrapped up I’m going to be hunkering down and finishing these bad boys off with a bang!


The knight council is not currently in session, but I have a feeling it will be soon.


(official record as of 4/30/08)

KPN Braecen Kaeth & PRT Maris Ring

OP Ky Terrak & JH Brema Sedul

KAP Cipher Isradia & GRD Kor Van'Til

SW Kaliidrad Vorrac & JH Vivackus Kavon

OT Callus Bo'Amar & JH Strats

OT Julius Ceasar & PRT Mixalius

SW Dismal Dupar & GRD Le'tum

KP Syphoc Rikel & GRD Ziij Ru

DJK Alaris Jinn & JH Raza Adas


Nothing really new in the world of the MSP this week. All of our pairs are going strong, the ones that replied to me that is! The rest of you will be hearing from me very soon. As always if you’re looking to get involved in our MSP please, PLEASE, let me know.


YES! Numbers this week as May is finally here!

Total Members:8

Direct Recruits:0

Still in Clan:6

Transferred Out of Clan:2

Total Sith:3

Total Krath:3

Total Obelisk:2

As always with the numbers if you'd like more detailed explanations and more data please let me know.


As I say every week I’m here if you need anything regardless of your rank, house, order etc. I know I sound like a broken record but I’ll say this every week. If you'd like to request an apprentice all members the rank of DJK and above are eligible to take a student. If you are between the ranks of PRT and JH and would like a master please don't hesitate to ask.

Just a little extra something for this week, I know you’re all tired of reading my stuff and if you got this far I applaud you and I hope you’ll stick with me. Belive it or not I am in college and am in the midst of exams even as we speak. I know this is a rough time for those of us doing the school thing and I want to let you all know something. Seriously, if the decision is to do an IG event or study, make the right choice and do an IG event. :P (but seriously study)


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