Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Happy May Day everyone.

Welcome to another Aedile report. We had a House Summit meeting last Tuesday, and I think good things will come of it. To begin with, I am announcing my Black Guard competition. If you'd like to be my Black Guard, then be the top submitter from our Clan in the Independence Games. It's that simple. Work hard, support your Clan, and you get rewarded. As Stan Lee would have mentioned, "Nuff said."

It's looking like the Wiki audits are over, and a bunch of CNS types got Dark Side Scrolls from their Hard Work. Well done my friends.

Look for an upcoming competition from our very own Rollmaster, Tsainetomo. It should be pretty cool, and the answers can be found on the Wiki. I'll let him do the full announcement so I'm not stealing his proverbial thunder.

Also let me mention this. In order to progress in Clan powers, as well as find you way to the Inner Order one day, you need Legion of the Scholar medals. The only way to get them is to create or win trivia competitions. So you get the picture.

Our House ranks program is past the discussion phase and now in the brainstorming stage. Look for something from our Illustrious Quaestor Faeril on that soon.

Otherwise, there are some interesting promotions in the works possibly. Keep your eyes peeled!

I leave you with an excerpt from my former apprentice Kaelin Ring's battle with me in the ACC center. This was part of his Knight Trials.... he did very well and got himself Knighted shortly after.

Macron snarled at Kaelin. The blows from his training saber had hurt. Now things had grown serious, and Mac took a few breaths and clenched his mind down on the pain [CP] ripping through his bruised shoulder. “Bastard, can't let him get his hands on me,” he growled as he shut down his saber and clipped it to his black belt. His left hand was girded again with the Armor Fist as Kaelin assessed his own wounds.

An outstretched hand summoned the Force to perform Macron’s bidding. The alchemist drew power [AE] from the energy cell of his apprentice’s blade and funneled it into the void within his own empty soul. A smile crossed the Sith’s blackened lips as the stolen energy dissipated. Kaelin’s training saber grew cold in his grip, and the blue blade dimmed and sputtered out. A look of disbelief crossed his face momentarily.

Kaelin roared and threw the now-useless metal hilt at his Master. “Damn you!” he screamed. Mononoke caught the flung metal deftly and held it in his own iron grip. The Tribune felt for the molecular bonds in the metal with his will, and loosened them [AMT]. Metallic sand and bits of golden wire spilled to the ground along with a blue Adegan crystal as the ruined weapon sifted through Mac’s fingers. He dumped the remnants to the ground with a chuckle as Kaelin fumed.

“Sorry, amigo. You may encounter that nasty trick as well later on,” giggled the lunatic. “Now let me show you the way to hell!” A wash of hateful power ripped through the lunatic as his body quivered [ES] with the Dark Side. Kaelin advanced to the attack, fists raised as Mononoke gestured like an evil concert conductor. The Journeyman intended to beat his Master down with the full force of his now-unleashed anger.

A surge of [Telekinetic Might] allowed the Battlelord to rip loose a slab of duracrete [TE] from the street between them, and fling it with bone-crushing force at his apprentice [TE]. Macron panted with exertion and placed both hands on his knees as Kaelin vanished with a shout under a pile of rubble and gray dust. “Hope he gets out of that,” mumbled the Proconsul. “We aren’t done with this little party just yet.”

cheers, Macron


SWL Mononoke "Macron" Keibatsu Sadow

Fourth Caste of the Inner Order

Consul Emeritus

Aedile of HLK

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