Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Battle Team Leader Report

Cethgus, Tashlan, Korvyn, RobinHawk all stood back to back fighting with the well known fury of house Dorimad Sol. The Vong had attacked the four of them; they started to find that their numbers against the Vong’s were on the losing side. Feeling exhausted the group had already been fighting for long enough. But Cethgus was their still at the front taking revenge for his arm that he had lost in the first attack the Vong had given.

“Keep it going, we will prove victorious!” Cethgus snarled as him and Korvyn hacked the Vong’s to pieces.

Robin Hawk was helping at the back killing as well, but the one deteriorating the most was Tash who is unable to keep up this level of fighting for very long. He started to see that his Student was going to endanger himself, moving back by the time he got to Tashlan the two of them were surrounded and separated from Robin Hawk and Korvyn.

As the two kept fighting, Cethgus soon found himself on the back foot. As an attack came through that would have speared the Obelisk. He couldn’t react in time, but Tash did it for him diving into the way of the attack. Cethgus howled in rage as the weapon speared his Student in front of him. Slumping onto the floor the Obelisk found his apprentice on the floor bleeding, he fought for his own life again trying to kill the Vong’s. Suddenly the Vongs just retreated and without another word he suddenly saw the Vong’s flee in front of him running away.

Cethgus was left their gripping Tash in his arms, holstering his head up as he was in a state of deep breathing. His voice was very shallow, and he was unable to catch his breath, Robin Hawk and Korvyn looked at Tash, blood slowly soaking into Cethgus’s robes. He managed to speak but it was only just hear able his last words. Cethgus decided to end Tash suffering and activate his saber into his student’s chest, killing him instantly.



Well, this is nearing the end of the Independent games. So what can I really say apart from let’s make a great effort and really hammer all of those events for our House and Clan. I know that this battle team and its member’s have already proven themselves so worth yet I believe we can still push in these last events before the IG’s ends. So underneath is a link to the IG website, come on everyone and get the last couple of events in:


Medals, Shadow Academy, ACC:

Well this is going to be short and simple. I have had nothing in my inbox about any of these matters, but I don’t think now is the time to focuses on these things. So thinking about that I know why I haven’t seen many medals and don’t worry about it that much because I hope to have a full inbox after the IG’s finish.

Little words:

Robin Hawk – Keep up the work, I know that you have been busy lately and I see that you do a lot of work for the Clan so all I can really say to you is just keep going and keep doing what you are currently doing because it’s great.

Dante – What can I say about you really let’s be honest. Apart from awesome gamer keep it going your doing great, don’t let it slip in the last few stretch so get out there and keep the winning going. So well done Dante your rocking the gaming boat.

Melvin – Again, Melvin I always hear good things about you. So I will say the same as most of above, just keep going and pushing forward you are doing great. Well for being the newer member you are of course living up to the Blades of Chaos member reputation and being active.


Again work is of course something you can ask from me. I will hand it out as soon as you ask, and this is of course something which I know you guys will need after the IG, so just remember that if you do need work come to me.

Cethgus out


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