Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report


<marquee bgcolor="#0000FF" loop="-1" scrollamount="2" width="100%">~~~ Quaestor Report #18 ~~~ 8th May 2008 ~~~ "As Equals We Stand" fiction included in report ~~~</marquee>

Dark Greetings House Marka Ragnos,

I held off getting this report out for a very important reason; by now we all know that our Sword of Ragnos and Night Hawks Battleteam Leader, Jade Atema, had been promoted! To mark this occasion I have wrote a little heart-felt fiction (below). I hope you all enjoy it... especially you Jade! ^-^


As Equals We Stand, by Ashura Isradia (4782)

So it had finally happened; the potential he helped her unlock on their travels was finally recognised. For a long time Jade Imperial had been on the threshold between Journeymen and Equite class, powerful than the average Dark Jedi Knight, but just not powerful enough to become a Equite.

That had changed in her recent years, her marriage the Ylith Atema had played a vital part in what she had become. His betrayal and her hate pushed her further and deeper into the very nature of the dark side of the Force. It had been Ashura Isradia, Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos, who finally pushed to reach all she could be… ascension from a mere Knight to a Priestess.

Of course Ashura hadn’t done it for her at first; the woman was tool in his plans to grow more powerful and lead the Brotherhood, to remove the blinded arrogance of the Star Chamber for their failure at Antei. Arrogance bred stupidity, perhaps if they weren’t so blind they would have heeded the word of the Sith Lord who predicted the fall of the Antei system to the Vong.

However a journey is ever changing and Ashura realised his path by helping Jade with hers; ironic how the Force had a way of twisting and turning peoples lives. His path, for now, would lead him away from the Dark Brotherhood. His son, Alector, would be a reminder to those he knew that an Isradia still walked the halls of Clan Naga Sadow.

“Master,” the Krath said as she entered his office, “you summoned me.”

“Priestess Atema, our journey together must come to an end. Our paths must separated, I am to leave this Clan once I have settled all affairs,” the Sith said from where he sat, looking at her.


Ashura raised his hand to cut Jade off from speaking, “When Tyren first sent you here, wounded and betrayed by the man you loved, I finally saw you passing through the threshold of your potential. I took it upon myself to channel your anger, your revenge, and allow you to unlock that which you feared the most; your darkness.

“However it needed to be fuelled, to be fanned, to burn more passionately then it ever done in all your life. I decided to take you to worlds strong in the dark side of the Force to nurture. I path you a means for a revenge, the Sith Order can be a powerful tool of motivation. And I saw you flourish, your powers mature, your very nature enhanced by the darkness within you.

“You were an Equite long before you took this new rank; it is only a title after all. What you believe to be in your heart is true, not what some rank tells you. You became an Equite, an Equal a long time ago. Shin'ichi is lucky to have someone like you on his side.”

The Battlemaster grinned evilly at Jade as the look on her face was priceless; how did he know that Shin’ichi had taken her on as another apprentice.

“It is convenient really; our time together is coming to an end while your time with Shin is just starting. He is much like you used to bed, on the threshold of becoming something far greater than an Equite.”

Isradia then stood up and walked around to wear Jade was standing. “I do, however, have one favour to ask you, Priestess.”

A small smile spread upon the woman’s face as she looked at her Quaestor, understanding now that they were equals, not only in the eyes of the Brotherhood, but to each other too. “Name it, Ashura.”

“I would very much like someone to keep an eye on my son, to be his guardian here once I have transferred to Rogue. He is…very…energetic and mischievous.”

“Yes,” replied Jade as she didn’t need him to finish, “I would be honored to keep an eye on the boy and keep him out of any mischief.”

The Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos grinned slightly. All was well.


Independence Games 2008

Surprise, surprise, the games are still going. Many are not hard to do, if you're unsure which ones to do then drop me an e-mail. Click here to go to see which events are running!

Return of the Primus

As we all know Trev has stepped down as PCON; Tron has replaced him. We all have are Dark Primus back with us. Trev proved a point he could still lead a House and Clan after many years of enjoying retirement.

Clan Overlord = Proconsul

Like I mentioned above; Tron has become Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow. I think, and people are welcome to correct me that this is Tron's first time a PCON? He's been CON and QUA before (although not sure about being AED?)

AWOL Check Coming Soon

Muhahahahaha! Beware those of you between APP and JH. Starting Saturday the 10th of May, an AWOL check is coming to an inbox near you!

Quaestor Real Life

I'm off to London today as I have a outpatients appointment tomorrow; so why go today, ah, I'll stay over at a friends house and probably watch Iron Man again. ;)

I saw last Saturday but it’s such a kick arse movie that I am going to watch it again. Yes, I am a Shan-Long of the Marvel Universe. :D


Master Level:

Lord Paladin Avatar of the Dark Doctrine

Lord Muz Keibatsu Sadow Avatar of the Dark Doctrine

Third Level of Ascension:

Faeril Munlear Cleric and former Hand of Ragnos

Second Level of Ascension:

Nekura Manji Keibatsu Zealot/Advocate/Custodian

Raistlin Sadow Zealot/Advocate/Custodian

Janos Silverwulf Zealot/Advocate/Custodian

Zaxen Dauketrenal Zealot/Advocate/Custodian

Zaroth Kalikrayye Zealot/Advocate/Custodian

First Level of Ascension:

Raven Dremora/Defender/Keeper

Tyren Atema Dremora/Defender/Keeper

Vladek Dremora/Defender/Keeper

Devani Kiriana Maharet Dremora Caste [confirmed]

Shuang Long Dremora/Defender/Keeper

Nero Pennant Dremora/Defender/Keeper

Teu Dremora/Defender/Keeper

Tritherus Dremora/Defender/Keeper

Vizier Level:

Morrigan Ryukossei Vizier of the Dark Doctrine

Scuslem Vizier of the Dark Doctrine

Ekeia Iclo Vizier of the Dark Doctrine

Storm Vizier of the Dark Doctrine

Telos Vizier of the Dark Doctrine

VanWyck Vizier of the Dark Doctrine

Kyrath Amaranthi Vizier of the Dark Doctrine

Kraytirous Shalluat Vizier of the Dark Doctrine

Jalor klenstan Vizier of the Dark Doctrine

Arfalax Vizier of the Dark Doctrine

Nassin Zye Vizier of the Dark Doctrine

Mordaki Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

Rusty Goldbear Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

Kantar Sinas Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

Zeliek Rivendare Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

bass.ex Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

darkvain Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

Azora Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

khaligh napoleon Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

Mortis DeferoDisciple of the Dark Doctrine

dark jedi hitarro Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

Rinati Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

Kathasios Kaijar Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

Tester300 Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

Fenris Altair Disciple of the Dark Doctrine

If you have not yet confirmed with me which caste you wish to pick then please do so. For more information on the castes and levels please click here.


his Holiness,

Dark Patriarch Megos XXI of Onderon


Unpaired Students

These Journeymen are currently not paired… Now is a chance for all Dark Jedi Knights and above to take on the role a Master and tutor one (or two) of these hopefuls to Knighthood.

Protector Kyrath Amaranthi [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]]

Protector Kraytirous Shalluat [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]]


UPATED: 4/30/2008 - 5/08/2008


Kantor joins us from the Shadow Academy


Ashura Megos Isradia has been awarded a Grand Cross of the Dark Side (5/2/08)

Alexander Anderson has been awarded a Dark Cross (5/6/08)

Shadow Academy

History of the Sith Empire III:

  • Mordaki (5/1/08)

Pre-Republic History:

  • Vorion (5/2/08)

ACC Initiates:

  • Nassin Zye (5/4/08)

Krath Core:

  • Nassin Zye (5/6/08)


<b>Jades "Imperial" Atema has been promoted from Dark Jedi Knight to Priest!!! (5/7/08)</b>


As always here are also the usually links for you know and use to grow better accustomed to life on the other side of the fence as a Special Ops Commander:


Alabrek Castle


D-SOG Troopers

Dlarit Corporation

D-SOG Dark Jedi Roster

<marquee bgcolor="#0000FF" loop="-1" scrollamount="2" width="100%">Attention! Attention! Commander Jade Atema has been promoted to the rank of Senior Commander! Senior Commander Ashura Isradia has handed in his notice but will serve the remaining time of his contract before it expires.</marquee>



<li type="disc">Marshal Commander Paladin

</li><li type="disc">Senior Commander Ashura Megos Isradia Resigning from D-SOG

</li><li type="disc">Senior Commander Tyren Atema

</li><li type="disc">Senior Commander Devani Kiriana Maharet

</li><li type="disc">Senior Commander Jades "Imperial" Atema LoA

</li><li type="disc">Commander Alexander Anderson

</li><li type="disc">Lieutenant Commander Vorion

</li><li type="disc">Lieutenant Commander Zaxen Dauketrenal

</li><li type="disc">Lieutenant Commander Zaroth Kalikrayye

</li><li type="disc">Lieutenant Commander Teu

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander VanWyck

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Jalor klenstan

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Kantar Sinas

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander darkvain

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Mortis Defero




<li type="disc">Marshal Commander Raistlin Sadow

</li><li type="disc">Senior Commander Nekura Manji Keibatsu

</li><li type="disc">Senior Commander Tsainetomo Keibatsu

</li><li type="disc">Commander Shuang Long LoA

</li><li type="disc">Lieutenant Commander Scuslem

</li><li type="disc">Lieutenant Commander Ekeia Iclo

</li><li type="disc">Lieutenant Commander Storm

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Mordaki

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Kyrath Amaranthi

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Arfalax LoA

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Zeliek Rivendare

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Azora LoA

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Hitarro

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Kathasios Kaijar

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Tester300




<li type="disc">Marshal Commander Janos Silverwulf Sadow

</li><li type="disc">Senior Commander Raven

</li><li type="disc">Senior Commander Vladek

</li><li type="disc">Senior Commander Morrigan Ryukossei Jade LoA

</li><li type="disc">Lieutenant Commander Telos

</li><li type="disc">Lieutenant Commander Tritherus LoA

</li><li type="disc">Lieutenant Commander Nero Pennant LoA

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Sakura Haruno

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Kraytirous Shalluat

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Nassin Zye

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Robert Goldbear

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander bass.ex

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Khaligh Napoleon

</li><li type="disc">Subcommander Rinati



All in all, another great week for our members. As always my door is always open, [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or just look for Ashura on IRC.

For the glory of Sadow, and House Marka Ragnos

Sith Battlemaster Ashura Isradia

Knight First Class

Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos

Magistrate to the Grand Master

Governor of Tarthos

ISDII Harbinger Commissar

D-SOG Senior Commander Resigning from D-SOG

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