Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

So the IGs are still underway and we still have time to get those entries submitted! Now that I'm back from my short LoA I'm going to get crackin. We can still make a comeback and up our score. If any of you have questions about the Independence Games, please shoot me an email. I'd like to see our House get in as many entries as we can. We have 5 more days to work on those entries, so let's all use them. Don't forget whether you place individually or not, it helps the Clan and also helps count towards promotions!

Also, I thought I'd share what I was doing this weekend with everyone! coughs I was helping run an event called the Celebrity Classic, proceeds go towards scholarships for graduate students on campus here and the weekend is a fun event that includes dinner and an auction, golf and tennis! and you know there is someone we all know who was in Star Wars who also happens to be a big fan of golf, mmmhmmm and guess what? I got to meet him this weekend! \o/

_ -> Fae and Samuel L. Jackson aka Mace Windu <- _

I took a photo with him on the Sunday night event and Monday I got to drive Samuel as well as Alfre Woodard and Jerry Giles back to the airport. \o/ I also got his autograph on a print of Afro Samurai and I heard it from the man himself, there will be a Season 2 of Afro Samurai coming out as well as a video game! Sweetness! ^.^

The weekend was a blast! I didn't get one on one time with all the celebs as I would have liked to, but it was a great time and I look forward to seeing them again next year. So yes, this is what your lovely Quaestor was doing on her LoA. lol


Independence Games 2008 Still a few more days left for the Independence Games, get those entries in! I for one plan on submitting a few over the next few days. Work has been keeping me busy, but I want to do our House and Clan proud so I'm going to make the time to earn us some points! I know you can do it too. ;)

CNS Rollmaster's Trivia Challenge The first part ends tonight, so get your entries in! You don't want to miss out on this competition.

HLK Quaestor Black Guard Competition Single Quaestor looking for a big bad kickass Black Guard to protect her. :look

HLK House Development- Structure This is the first important step in futher developing our House fictionally so start brainstorming and let us see what all you can come up with!


Fenris, Promoted from Jedi Hunter to Dark Jedi Knight! w00t! Congratulations on finally earning that saber, Fenris!

Silverr Rampu, Promoted from Apprentice to Novice

Robert Atema Daragon, Promoted from Sith Battlelord to Sith Warlord, w00t! Go Bob! It was long overdue and definitely well deserved.


Fenris, Awarded a Dark Cross for his contributions to his House and Clan as well as the Sapphire Squadron

Tsingtao Ming, Awarded a Dark Side Scroll for work as a Temporary Auditor, Audited the Image Category Weapons

StarLion, Awarded a Dark Cross for his dedication to his House and Clan and his time as a BTL

Shadow Academy Courses

Silverr Rampu, Passed Krath Grammar Studies Course, Lightsaber Studies Course and Dark Brotherhood Basics Course


Joseem and Naiia responded to the House Feedback Competition Questionnaire

I shall tally all the responses up soon!

Independence Games

Atronicus Sadow, Has Entered IG Event 23

Robert Atema Daragon, Has Entered IG Event 25, 27

Macron Goura, Has Entered IG Event 19, 25, 27

Tsingtao Ming, Has Entered IG Event 15, 27, 29


Transferred In


Silverr Rampu


Transferred Out


Closing Remarks

So yay! this weekend was awesomeness on a stick. I had a great time, got to meet some cool people and hang out with cool ones I met the previous year. I'm already looking forward to next year!

Don't forget about getting those entries in for the Independence Games. I want to see us do well! and if you are new to the House, you can still enter too. Don't worry about jumping in late. Just CC Ashia, Mac and myself so we can keep track. Plus, you could earn shinies and help complete some of your Trials for promotion.

Again, congratulations everyone on their awards and promotions! and keep that participation coming. ^.^ I'd also like to thank Trev for all his hard work and dedication to this Clan! and Congratulations to Tron who has been appointed the new ProConsul of CNS! \o/

In Darkness,

Faeril Munlear

Quaestor of House Ludo Kressh

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