Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

WTF! Capitan America (yeah I know since a long long long time ago) is dead and BUCKY took over?! Its like making Robin Batman! Its just not the same! and who in the world was saying a girl didn't know about comics? (Ill kick their fictional ass!) (yes and I'm a guy!) But whatever Bucky = wrong, he should have died first, its like changing Luke Skywalker with Han Solo and with no force powers! (Yeah I know that heresy and if that happened this club would not exist so life would suck and we would all be trekies or something and yeah Star trek is not the same!) But whatever so this is the report:

DB News:


GM Semi LoA

New Character Sheets: Beta 2 Signups UPDATED: SIGN UPS CLOSED - I'm the only phoenix phyle member in that list!

Quick Update

And...Justicar is back

Star Wars News:

None :(

Awards & Promotions:


ACC Initiates Exam passed! - wooo!

You have been promoted to Novice


Cluster of Fire Awarded x 2 - I miss ICTE!!!!! and guess what I have school Saturday! :(

Narad Na Lexu:

Narad is back! and kinda healthy and soon with a baby!

Zasati: (most active girl in Phoenix)

Well Zasati just got promoted to GRD she deserves a big hug and a huge bag of cookies with a barrel of her favorite drink! I must say I'm sorry I did not recommend you myself but BTL powers are limited and now you are out of my promotion recommendation jurisdiction, so well congrats and enjoy your little price :P.

Tirano Yamayura:

Has been studying for Biology and History and doing a little to much homework lately :( - he has earned a hug! :P

If I forgot anything just tell me

DB Interesting Comps:

Mantle of Darkness - Good! :P

Mandalorian vs. Jedi: Persuasion - We love Mandalores!!!!!!

Time of War: Direct Action - I think Raken makes very very very long comps, look all the of the above! - PARTICIPATE! One more week and it is done! :(

Extra Notes:

Well for those guys who have been removed from the BT Phoenix Phyle mm to bad for leaving without a LoA if you want to come back well apply and this time be active and tell us when you are leaving for this not to happen again. Also for those who are not active well you are next on my list of people to throw out! :) Thanks guys for staying active and chatting on IRC.

Independent Games play, write, quote and have fun. Don't forget to send the submissions to Sklib and Vodo and if yo don't mind to me because I'm your BTL , which means I am amazing :P :) , and i like knowing what my people do.


Guys every time anbu or I write a report you must make funny or any comments about it, so we don't feel like if we were working for nothing. (Anubis don't say a contradicting word about it! :P) And for those who don't know IB sucks ass, and yeah I have been IRC lazy due to my final IB Biology exam (wait I'm a junior i should not even be taking it!)

to bad Taig didn't join us :( (Tirano cries like a baby!)

Krath Tetrach DJK Tirano Yamayura (8268)

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