Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Blades of Chaos Battle Team Leader report

Cethgus sat in his desk, for to long had he been away from it and the paper work had soon piled up a lot. He had quite a large glass on his desk and looked like what once a full bottle now was seemed to be running out quickly. Uncaring the Obelisk continued to file his way through the work and it soon appeared that the amount was slowly going down.

It was getting slowly into the night and still it seemed that hardly any of the work was being done. He started to feel his eye lids get heavier, as time was going by he found that with the events going on around him. Time was precious and he realised that the more paperwork he left just got worse and smirked to himself.

He started to head towards the door when someone entered it, he instantly knew the person as Robin Hawk and let a little smile appear on his lips. He was just sitting there and smirking to himself; he went back to his desk and started to do work again now having company with him.

After a long time, the two found that they finally did all of the work. It had taken them a while but they finally had completed all of the work together and just sat there looking at each other and talking about what would be happening soon.



Well what can I say, the IG’s are nearly over and its time for us to get active. But that shouldn’t stop all of you being active still. I will plan some things to keep you busy and just keep up the great activity. Of course this is our great chance to give one last huge push this weekend for the IG’s I know we can all do it. So come on team, give it your best, and go and hammer the IG events.


Well what can I say, Even though I have no medals in my inbox, I am going to say that you still amaze me in the amount of activity that you guys are giving. I know that you are busy at times, but I see you still manage to get work done for the IG and of course it is a good thing what you do. So you guys keep up the amazing work your doing.


Well the ACC is something I know we got. I managed to get a win in the ACC.


Remember guys that I am online most of the time and willing to give you work at your request. I am always around on email as well, just get to me and I will tell you what I can hand to you and make sure that you are never just sitting around.


Confront your enemies, but avoided them when you can

Cethgus Incendia Zor-El out


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