Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

I hope this finds all of you doing well, there are some things I'd like to highlight and discuss with you all for just a moment:


The leadership of the Clan is in discussion right now on some proposals made for the direction of the Clan Powers. All I will say is that NECROMANCY KICKS ASS...so much better than the other lame powers like speaking to animals :P

You will all know soon enough the outcome of these discussions.


Will end Wed 14th May. If you haven't submitted at least once, then you're wrong and I'm ashamed of you. No, but seriously you need to submit at least once or twice. The Clan, and the House are depending on you to give it one good go. I've submitted to 4 events. Not much personally, but if we all pool together I'd be ever so happy...and generous :P


There will be regular reporting from other people beside myself. I've grown tired of being the lone voice crying in the desert...jk Just expect to see more of the other Summit members from here on out.


IGs are good, Necromancy is sexy, Delegation means more talking.

Be safe, submit to the IGs, and I wish you all the best. Continue to make me proud. :)

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