Aedile Report


Aedile Report

One, two, three...

The reigning Aedile of the Dorimad Sol counted his heart beats quietly as he bent at the waist to easily touch his long, seasoned fingers to the spit polished black boots that concealed his toes.

Four, five, six...

Prajna had just finished an evening jog of a dozen kilometers; seemingly nothing to a well trained and practiced Jedi.

Seven, eight, nine...

The leather skin that covered the powerfully tall Cerean itched under the wisp of loose hair that dangled on his forehead and behind his neck. This answered the age-old question the late Emperor Palpatine always wondered but never got to testing: Do Cereans burn? YES! Yes they do. PJ would have to ask K-Y to request some lotion from the plants of Ithor.

Ten, eleven, twelve...

It was a strange feeling with two hearts beating if you had not grown up with such. Fortunately this Templar had. The heart in Prajna's head always beat exactly sixty times per minute. It had one job: fuel the binary brains that called that cone-shaped head their casa.

Therefore, even when the rest of the body and the main heart worked hard to pump blood to the vital organs and extremities, his head stayed calm and level as in any time of rest or meditation. This was an evolutionary advance of the Cerean race many centuries ago to help with their advanced diplomatic abilities.

Prajna was no biologist, so he doubted he would ever understand the complexities that allowed his head to operate separately while still on an open circuit of the cardiovascular system.

Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen.

PJ stood and stretched to crack his back. His eyes rose to scan the horizon that spread over the seemingly endless sea that stood before him. No matter how many years passed, the sunset of his home world would never get old. Against all other uncertainties the Guardian of Cerea faced, this was one calm in the eye of the storm of life.

The Force came to call with the ease of a practiced equite. Each grain of the local sand that had clung to his body over the past hour's workout fell from its place off the Cerean's still glowing skin. Prajna let free a small smile, after making sure no one was in sight. Then he jogged off to where his shuttle waited to take him home to Caina.

My cherubs, thank you for coming to table of the destined. In the 1800's, Americans used the term Manifest Destiny to describe the intentions to take what land was deserved to her country. In Star Wars, it was Anakin Skywalker who rose to his post as the Chosen One to fulfill his own destiny. Today, it is our turn.

Independence Games FTW!

There are less than 3 days left in the great celebration! I truly hope that this set of events was enjoyable over the last four weeks. Your House and Clan Summits spent a timed effort to make this competition bear fruit. Remember to get out to the site and complete as many of those last events as possible!

Our young rising journeyman Tollo is quite eager! He has already risen to the rank of Acolyte! Congratulations Tollo. Keep up the good work.

I see lots of younglings are brought to the Shadow Academy in our name. I know this house has been great on the end of recruiting. It is an excellent attribute to have. I think it could almost go without saying that I can only expect more people to join in the madness.


Tollo has completed 13 Shadow Academy courses. Outstanding!

According to the official records from my droid data processing unit, Melvin, Angelo Dante, Koryn Arroyo, Castor Roke, and Korvyn have all recently attended classes at the Shadow Academy. Also, yours truly is officially HTML certified, just in case you didn't know.

Independence Games FTW!

Shameless plugs always work. Scrolls of Honor were once crafted because sometimes a shiny medal to go on the dress uniforms just is not enough. Plus after a while, those things get heavy. I would like to highlight the following people for continued efforts: Cethgus was awarded a Scroll of Foundation for his mentorship of one of our new DJK Korvyn. Korv was awarded a SoI for recruitment, and a DSS for service. Dante also recently racked up a DSS. Robin Hawk has been given a Legion of Scholar, as well as a DSS.

One crescent has been given out right now, though mostly this is because the IGs will be concluding this week. Good job Dante and a new Star. (I think this was just a backdate that caught up!)

Melvin was finally given his first merit award. It took a few tries, but the combined powers of Harold and Kumar (I am totally more Neil Patrick Harris, but I think we know Thran is Kumar without the sweet math poems) finally got it done. The wizard of graphics Ric Blade was tokened his first Grand Cross for continued aide to our House and Clan in projects that go far above even my head! Well done like an overcooked filet mignon.

Cethgus has been keeping up better than the rest and won an ACC match recently. I really can see his improvement. If you want to see a growing writer's battle, ask Cethgus on IRC or email, and I am sure he would be honored to link you.

Independence Games FTW! I swear this is the last time in this report.

Cerean Wisdom Heads, I win. Tails, you lose...

"Got the devil in you

Got the devil in me

Play a dangerous tune

Come on and dance with thee

You got to throw your fists up

Shout your mouth out

Beat the walls down

Got to freak out

Rock your little

Rock your little

Rock your little heart out"

Today's lyrics come from the 12 volt band know by the four letters AC DC. I would find it hard for anyone to say these guys don't know how to have fun with what they do. Have a good week and enjoy it.

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