Aedile Report


Aedile Report

05/04/2008 to 05/11/2008


  • Independence Games ending this Wednesday (May 14th), make sure to participate.

  • Taigikori left us to become Ektrosis Aedile.

  • Ektrsosis gets a new Aedile. (:P)

  • Proconsul report should be out sometime soon(ish).

  • Please welcome: Filra Rikin and Nick 710

  • SBL Havoc was awarded a Cluster of Fire.

  • NOV Randar Fond was awarded 11 Clusters of Fire. Great job!

  • NOV Batmanuel received 3 Clusters of Fire. Nice work.

  • JH Sidarace Rathden passed the HTML Basics exam.

  • ACO Adrian Agrippa passed the Krath Poetry and Force Philosophy exams. Nice.

  • NOV Randar Fond passed the ACC Initiates exam.

  • NOV Randar Fond was promoted to Acolyte (ACO)!

  • NOV Batmanuel was promoted to Acolyte (ACO)!

Lots of competitions happening in Dinaari and in Taldryan this week and month. Here's a sneak peek:

  • ** Vlad's Easter Egg Hunt** - This competition involves paying attention. Specifically, members of House Dinaari will (carefully) read Quaestor reports published by Vladet Xavier. In his QUA reports Vladet will hide an "easter egg" which is an intentional hidden message/image/link/etc somewhere within his report. Instructions/Details:

  • A Lesson in Galactic History - Members of House Dinaari will receive a weekly list of five events that have occurred in the Star Wars universe. Members will need to successfully sort these events and list them from oldest to most recent (i.e. Battle of Yavin IV, Battle of Hoth, Battle of Endor). Instructions/Details:

  • Tal Times: Vol. 4 Issue 3 - The next issue of the Taldryan Times is around the corner, so now's your chance to get those submissions in. It can be anything from a story, an interview of graphics. Instructions/Details:

  • The Dominus Sicarius II is a new take on a familiar thing. It's too long to summarize, so I'll just direct you to the link. This is more of a prestige competition rather than anything else.


Other Competitions of Note:

Remember, kids - participating in competitions means activity. Activity means awards and/or promotions. The more you do, the more it counts.

  • The IGs are upon us. They're about to end. I did 1/9th of an event. Everyone else, do more. :P

  • There's a new CLone Wars movie trailer. Check it out.

  • The Justicar is back. Yay.

  • For more DB News, check out the...News Page!

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