Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

WHYYYYY!? (Me cries) WHY?! (Me cries) Zasati why?!?! Well guys I have terrible news, Zasati the latest and only winner of the award THE HOTTEST GIRL TO EVER SERVE PHOENIX has left Phoenix Phyle to become the Aedile of HoA. (Yes Sklib is to blame for this, so well I will leave that to your creativity) Yes she has won an amazing award because she is amazing and if somebody doesn't agree you can deal with my lightsaber and I'm sure a couple more (like the entire BT and clan), more than that Our BT is almost full we are missing one person. Also Taig is our new AED congrats for that, and yes that means you are stuck with the amazing Tetrarch Tirano Yamayura in other words me.

DB News:


Clone Wars Trailer

IGs - Final Push -Better see you pushing hard :).

Bunch of Reports out Hex, Phoenix, Quaestor, Proconsul and mmm I'm sure I didn't miss any.

Star Wars News:

None :(

Awards & Promotions:


Brotherhod Basics Exam Passed - wwwwooooooo!


Cluster of Fire Awarded x 3 - She is earnin g medals constantly, good job!

Zasati: (most active girl in Phoenix)

Awarded the medal (I need to design one, but well save the email :P), cookies (given yesterday), a barrel of her favorite drink (given yesterday) and the diploma (this report) for being the HOTTEST GIRL TO EVER SERVE PHOENIX, so yes clap, dance, hug, have fun and yes cry because she has left the BT, but don't forget she is still here so she is not leaving us. We will see her on IRC and the db so, yey! Also she has earned and exclusive Zat pass to hang around #Phoenix_Phyle, so we are all happy with that :p.

Tirano Yamayura:

Has earned absolutely nothing! :(

I see it has been a lazy week hehe.

If I forgot anything just tell me

DB Interesting Comps: - Lot's and lots of comps do them! - PARTICIPATE! Two more days!

T:SWG Star Wars trivia

Tal Times: Vol. 4 Issue 3

A New Hope: Tal Trivia

Reports Work - For Everyone

Gaming Nights

Inter-Club Training Event

[Ektrosis] AED's Challenge

The Sentire TaldryaeÂ’s Bidding

Extra Notes:

Well for those guys who have been removed from the BT Phoenix Phyle mm to bad for leaving without a LoA if you want to come back well apply and this time be active and tell us when you are leaving for this not to happen again. Also for those who are not active well you are next on my list of people to throw out! :) Thanks guys for staying active and chatting on IRC.


What can I say? I love you all? (wait that ain't true :P) This is it for the tenth report of the amazing Krath Tetrarch who rules and guides all those amazing people whoa are part of Phoenix Phyle.

I wish you luck, fun, love and everything hehe. Good luck Zasati with your new position and as I said yesterday if you are going to conspire against Anubis I will give you a hand :p. (O wait that is supposed to be a secret! :P)

Peace and I would never conspire against you in a non-friendly way Anubis :P.

As an extra useless comment I'm in school an yes my Spanish class is this boring and useless so well now you know :P.

Krath Tetrarch DJK Tirano Yamayura (8268) (yeah I just realized this had a spelling mistake)

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