Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Blades of Chaos Battle Team Leader Report

Cethgus stood there and looked at the small amount of paperwork since he had gone. He noticed that his office had grown some more plants and just smirked at himself, but had to be honest that Robin Hawk had done a lot of paper work in his leave. He makes a note to buy her something as a thanks offering even though he normally wouldn’t.

Cethgus finished up the paper work and smiles to himself know that he has free time now on his hands. Getting up from his desk the Obelisk walked out of his office and decided that it would be a good time to check on his Student. Walking into Korvyn’s office he sits down and starts to talk to him about what he has missed.

Leaving after some time Cethgus started his search for something to give Robin Hawk for looking after the team. He smiles to himself and starts to search for something to give her knowing it’s not easy thing to do. So he found himself going around the whole of the house seeing if anyone had any ideas.



Well, there are a few things to look out for as you guys can see that there is some plans for HDS and Jedi Academy. So I expect to see everyone of this team who has Jedi Academy, and of course is free at that time to make it to the session.

Next think on the news. There will be some competitions up and coming so look out for these competitions to be run. And I will inform you when they start but look out for more things to come this way, and get ready to start and be active.


Well no medals this week. But remember that there is a long pile of things that will come through when the IG’s are done. So anytime soon my inbox will properly explode full of medals and other things.


Well I have had some emails that means exams have been completed. Remember that you can go for degrees as well in the Shadow academy so give it your best shot people. So well done Tollo on completing the following:

Tollo- History of the Sith Empire 1, Astronomy


I’m sure I keep telling all of you this, but I have work that I can hand out if you need something, so catch me on IRC or email me and ill give you something to keep you busy and make sure you work, so if ya free ask me for work.

Little bit of fun:

Ok guys as my little bit of fiction said I’m searching to give RH a think you gift. So reply and tell me what it should be and the best one will be on my next report. This is only a little laugh so just join in guys.

Cethgus out


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