Master At Arms Report


Master At Arms Report

I will keep this short and sweet as there is very little to report (hence why there was a month interval before I made another report).


Tarax has been rehired as my magistrate (as promised). He does not look at your reccs and has no power over them so for those of you who absolutely hate him, no worries. His job is to do the work that I really don’t feel like doing (like sifting through my own reports and figuring out what I did a few years ago). So yay Tarax!

Policy Updates

No new major policy changes to share. I just want to remind everyone to continue to be somewhat more generous with lower level merit medals. I’ve seen changes in this already and that makes me very happy (and your members too I’d imagine). There have been some really great, well-written recommendations coming across my desk lately and that’s wonderful. Keep it up. Remember: giving out merit medals will NOT delay someone from getting a deserving promotion!


Super AWOL Check: This is on hold until we finish the new Character Sheets – should give some people an incentive to reactivate their account.

Updated Family Census: This is also on hold until after we finish with the Super AWOL Check.

Das Uber Policy Revisions: These are ongoing.


It totally slipped my mind to score the last Krav competition that was run – I’ll get to it in 15 minutes or so. So sit tight again. Thanks

Other Stuff?

Chaos fails

Closing Remarks

Like I said, not much to report at all. Most of the projects I want to do are on hold right now because we’re waiting for the Jac to finish with the CSes. The major policy changes will be slow in coming as we want to make sure they are well integrated and planned for. Ehh but yeah…that’s about it. Don’t have much else to say. At least your reccs are getting processed quickly??? :-)

Dark Side Adept Syn Kaek

Master At Arms

DA Syn Kaek (Sith)/MAA/Dark Council [ACC: JUD]

AK / GC-PoTP / SC-SoH / AC-ToSC / DC-SiP / SN-BL / Cr-8A-2S-3E-4T-3Q / CF-SF / DSS-BL / SI-AuL / SoL-TC / LS-BL / S:-9M-3R-1C-2D-3Do-4Dk-14P


Kaek teases me with database access. :(

goes to listen to some Phil Collins

MAA Office processing reccs quickly? UNPOSSIBLE! :P

Good job Kaek. Looks like the butt groove you left in the couch still fits just fine.

Yeah, Insanity is about due for grading, me thinks. :P

IG grading! woot woot.

Ok or I won't get to it in 15 minutes. TOOO much alcoholic consumption hahaha

I am... Ron Burgundy?

Who added the question mark? We all know Braecen reads whatever the teleprompter says!

Kaek loves boys.

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