Consul Report


Consul Report


Dark Jedi of Jusadih,

Another week has passed and I humbly come before you to report the changes within our Clan - the progress we have made. Yet, before I dive in, let me explain why I stress so much importance on these weekly reports. I believe that those whom are held accountable, at the Clan level, to report each week will be more active. If you were inactive, you would have nothing to report... and that is simply unacceptable from the individuals whom hold the positions of Consul, Proconsul, Quaestor or Aedile. So, yes, progress may be slow from time-to-time, but your Clan Leadership will continue to push forward to bring you the best experience in the entire Brotherhood.

For Plagueis!

Clan News

We have a new Proconsul! Ky had stepped down into House Exar Kun and his vacant seat of power has been filled by Yzarc Rellik Kaeth. He had a lot of tough competition, most of it coming from here within the Clan. Yet, ultimately, he had an excellent application that detailed his ideas and growth in two hot zones I want to focus on. In time, Zarc will become the de facto leader of the clan; handling the day-to-day affairs of our Clan. Which will allow me to expand my contributions to our entire club.

Our exceptional Journeymen continue to impress me. Ashron, Bal, Kara and Ralph continue to immerse themselves into the Dark Brotherhood. Ashron received the rank of Guardian and Bal collected a Dark Cross (23 SA Courses in a week!). In addition, Ashron collected his first Dark Maven (History!) from the Head Master this week. With exceptional growth like this, I can sleep in peace at night knowing a Clan-Feud and a Great Jedi War are on the horizon.

We have seen some wonderful promotions over the last month within the Clan. The most recent of these comes in the form of Callus Bo'Amar. He was elevated from Templar to Prelate to honor all of his hard work and effort in the position of Knight Class Envoy (Clan Roll Master). Be sure to congratulate him on his achievement. And keep your eyes open for more elevations!

Brotherhood News

Head Master Report: Aabsdu posts his first report in two months. He details the newest changes in the SA including a new EP, mention of a new degree and the possibility of several new courses. If you want to volunteer for some work in the SA; please contact Aabsdu and Dacien for more details.


Master At Arms Report: Kaek released a new report. No major changes have come from the office of the MAA, but there is a general overhaul of the guidelines forthcoming. The biggest change since his placement is that medals will no longer slow advancement, but it will, in fact, accelerate the chance at a promotion.


Have an idea or a concern for the Dark Council? Not sure where to turn? It is simple, just follow these easy steps: login, admin menu, 'send feedback to the Dark Council' and type away! Without the ideas and feedback from general membership our club cannot grow. So when you see something that needs fixing, be sure to let us know!

Link: (must be logged in to the site)

The Message

Last week I invited each of you to e-mail me with your goals and aspirations. I was saddened that I got so few responses. It means that I have either lost your interest by this point or very few individuals read these reports. That is something I am unused to. So the message will be short this week...

Read last week's message.

Thank you.


Projects, projects, projects. Your leaders and clan's older members are busy at work. Alaris has begun work on the Clan History; bridging the gap between Aabsdu and I's rule. Alex has undertaken a proposal that could effect the entire Brotherhood. If he wants to share, I will let him. Rilkel has recently opened a competition to HEK to detail their Exodus from Aerun to Kapsina. Additionally, he has begun mapping out new, necessary landmarks for the House's arrival at the Dark Tower. Be sure to harass him for more details. Famosus has begun some work on the Clan Military redraft. Once he has more to share... I will share, but his work focuses on our Army, at this time. Dacien has been building several new functions into our clan web site. Amongst these functions are a new Clan dossier system to help administrate our new Clan Military Ranks system. Last, but not least, Cipher has volunteered to create new uniforms for our newfound military system. This all ties back into what Dacien has been working away on!

Sound like a lot? It is. You should be impressed with your leadership and their desire to make the Clan a better place to be and role play. They are not thanked enough for the work they do. Use this week to give them some praise.

I am, your servant,

Braecen Kaeth

Consul of Clan Plagueis

Safeguarder of Sheep

Braecen Kaeth (Dark Side Adept) / CON-EP / Clan Plagueis

[GMRG: RG3-G] [KSoE:FE] [ACC: CE:3]

RS / AK / SB / GC-PoDP / SC-SoA / AC-RoF / DC-GP / GN-BL / SN-BL / BN-BL / Cr-3D-12R-24A-32S-15E-11T-6Q / PoB-AgL / CF-PlF / DSS-PL / SI-AuL / SoF-AgL / SoL-BE / LS-GL / S:-2R-18Al-19D-7Dk-9P


You are not what you were born, but what you have it in yourself to be...

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