Aedile Report


Aedile Report


--Sklib skipped his report last week, which means this one is chuck full of activity. Read it all.

--Gaming drama.


--SCL Report, HM Report, and DGM Report was all released in the past week. Read through them, they’re worth the read.


--Soon to come in the month of June, is a Taldryan Clan Feud. Events such as gaming, fiction, and graphics will be placed in it. Though we’re trying not to focus too much on fiction, as we just got done the IGs which I think we’ve seen enough fiction to last us a lifetime, I want everyone to prepare to claim the title of First House of Taldryan for Ektrosis!

--IG merit awards released for both houses, grats to all!

<ahref="" target="_blank">Photobucket

--Welcome to the House Varlen Kudoku, Snuke Skywater, and Jeran Dornik!

--Tirano was chosen as Qel-Droma Aedile, picked rather. This has sparked up some drama, but I for one am sad to see him leave. He was one of the nicest and caring members in this house, and he will be missed greatly. God speed on your journey, Tir.

--Tons of Crescents, Clusters, and Merits were awarded. I have to say, I am extremely proud to see all this activity in the past two weeks. We are by far, shining the brightest in Taldryan.

--Amiz on a LoA until June 7th.

--I will no longer be hosting the Weekly AED Challenge. Vodo started slacking towards the end of his reign with this comp, and I think we’re in need of a fresh comp. That, and Raist ruins everything.

--The Taldryan Meet-up was a success! Jendan, Zasati and myself spent the entire afternoon doing it up all around Charleston. I’m exhausted. Zas makes the best damn cupcakes, I’ve ever tasted. And I also got to hear Vodo’s voice. Yeah, I’m a happy man now. Pics below:


--We wait for the Force Unleashed.


Tal Times: Vol. 4 Issue 3

Unit: Clan-Wide Event

The next issue of the Taldryan Times is around the corner, so now is your chance to get those submissions in. It can be anything from a story, an interview, funny graphics, whatever fits the TT.

The top 3 submissions each get a Crescent.

Please send all submissions to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Reports Work - For Everyone

Unit: Clan Leaders

Specifics: This competition is for the BTLs, AEDs, QUAs, and PCON of Taldryan. Members need to have good, informative, and regular reports to keep them interested and up-to-date on happenings. Every two weeks I'll look over reports and reward the top leader. They will be awarded depending on how great their report actually is.

Platforms: Report writing

Awards: Crescents, from 5th level to 3rd level depending on the amount of effort put into each report

Comments: Following a competition line done by myself in 2006 and former Consul Kir before that.

The Sentire Taldryae‘s bidding.

Unit: House Ektrosis

Specifics: Recently, the newly appointed Sentire Taldryae's of Clan Taldryan began their missions aboard. Because of their secrecy and discretion needed for each of their missions, they are not able to complete everything in the time frame of the Clan Summit.

You are being hired on by Taigikori Aybara and Andryan "Ace" Queldom to complete their final task.

Decide what mission you partake on, how you achieve your goal, and what personal conflicts your character encounters in this mission.

4th level crescents up for grabs, I expect a page and a half minimum.

Ends on: 6/4

Send submissions to Aedile Taigikori at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

AED‘s Challenge

Unit: House Ektrosis

Specifics: Every week, starting on Monday, I will issue a challenge. This challenge will consist of anything from a riddle to a flash game. The first person to complete the challenge (or to get the highest score) wins.

Awards: 5th level Crescents

The Ektrosis Shopping Supremacy!

Unit: House Ektrosis


You will be sent on an assignment to the capital of Taruma, Etrosium Prime

on a mission: to shop in Ektrosis's economical hub! You are allowed

unlimited credits, but just to make sure you won't be wasting the clan's

credits, your superiors have asked your to prepare a list of the things

you would buy, and its estimated price!

Entries will be judged on humour purely, and will be open to all

Ektrosians. Your entry must have at least 10 things on it, and must

include these words: Horsey, Chrome, Sklibbles, Taige, Broccoli.

Unlimited credits, so basically endless lists can be formed. Let the

grocery list begin!

Two weeks to do it, send entries to me

(aveon[underscore]landing[at]hotmail[dot]com), plus cc Taig and Sklib.

End date: 6/1


--Anazider was promoted to NOV then ACO.

--Athena was promoted to NOV.

--Tyr was promoted to ACO.

--Taigikori(me) earned 159 Clusters of Fire, a Pendant of Blood, a Scroll of Indoctrination, and two Crescents with Ruby star.

--Jendan earned a Dark Cross, 21 Clusters of Fire, and a Crescent with Quartz star!

--Vodo earned a Dark Cross!

--Anubis earned a Dark Cross and a Crescent with Topaz star!

--Lokasena earned a Dark Cross!

--Vardar earned a Steel Cross!

--Destiny earned 16 Clusters of Fire!

--Ace earned 2 Clusters of Fire!

--DarkAmiz earned 7 Clusters of Fire!

--Anazider earned a Crescent with Emerald star!

--Raistline earned a Crescent with Topaz star!

<center><ahref="" target="_blank">Photobucket</center>

--Xlor passed Pre-Republic History and Obelisk Core.

--Taigikori (me) passed Sith Core, Obelisk Core and earned a Dark Maven Philosophy degree.

--Anazider passed ACC Initiates, Dark Brotherhood Basics, and Training Saber course.

--Tyr passed Dark Brotherhood Basics.


House Roster:

Battle Team Hex Roster:

Battle Team Phoenix Roster:

Battle Team Horsemen of the Apocalypse Roster:

CON Halcyon Rokir: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

PCON Chaosrain Taldrya: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

QUA Hel-Pa Sklib: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

AED Taigikori Aybara: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

RM Alanna Taldrya: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

<center><ahref="" target="_blank">Photobucket</center>

That’s it for this week. I’m pretty tired, big day. Don’t burn the place down while I’m asleep.

Several people are very close to promotions, so I’d like to continue to urge you all to do the competitions at hand. People PM me all the time, asking if they’re ready for this or that. I tell them the same thing. Get more involved. Start gaming in the gaming nights, write up something in the ACC (Sklib, post in Zas’ battle), be active on IRC. You’re only limit is yourselves. Taldryan is known to be tough on promotions. They make us earn our ranks around these parts.

The Princess Bride never gets old.



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