Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Night Hawks

  Thanks to Teu we now have the design for night Hawks very first own medal.  The details of this medal will soon be placed here and on the Night Hawk wiki but basically the most active person for every two weeks will receive this award. Something you can add to your wiki. This will be built upon by if you receive so many a different award will be given.  Stay tuned for more details!!  

   Don’t forget about the Dagger’s Point run on currently going on! Go post and have fun! It’s a great way to help build up your character!!  

OCC: A reminder that AT LEAST ONE BATTLE TEAM COMPETITION MUST be done in order for you to remain in the Night Hawks.


Krath Tetrarch—BTL--Jade Imperial--Dark Jedi Knight--Fallen

Sith Flight Member—Teu—Guardian—Hawk

Krath Tyro—Zaxen Dauketrenal—Jedi Hunter—Enforcer

Sith Flight Member - Ekeia Iclo – Jedi Hunter – Hawk

Obelisk Trooper—Zaroth Kalikrayye—Jedi Hunter—Enforcer

Krath Tyro—Nassin Zye

Protector –Enforcer 2nd class

Obelisk Trooper—Robert (Rusty) Goldbear—Protector—Trainee

We say good bye to:

Vorion! That Kid got to be Ashura’s Black Guard before suddenly getting AED in another clan. Good luck Vorion and CONGRATS!

Tyren!! Yep he has gone off and followed Vorion to another clan. Bon Voyage my dear friend!!

We’ll miss you both, and good luck!!

Warnings go out to:



Nassin is promoted from Protector to Guardian! AWESOME job! Keep it up!! You’ll be DJK before ya know it!

Within the Night Hawks

Nassin is promoted to Enforcer Second Class!! Alright!


Below you will see where you are at, and what you need to do to get higher up! For now the standings are as followed:

Ekeia--> 2x comps for Vulture

Zaroth-->3x comps for Hawk

Teu1X comps for Vulture

Zaxen Dauketrenal1X comps for Hawk

Nassin3X comps for Enforcer

Robert Goldbear2X comps for Enforcer 2nd Class


Title: Heir to the Throne

A wookie was overheard by a protocol droid telling his mates about how the great Ashura may be taking a permanent vacation. Rumors have been spread that Ashuras own son Alector is hiring assassins so he can take

Ashura's place as leader of the DoR and HMR. Write a fiction of how Ashura gets word of this rumor and confronts his son (1 page min, 10 page max)

Start Date: 5/17/2008

End Date: 6/16/2008

Unit in Competition: House Marka Ragnos


4th Level Crescents.

More on the way!! But since this is the only one currently listed, and you have to do at least one comp, I suggest you get working on it!

Shadow Academy Courses:

Nassin passed HTML Basics! Great work! Keep it up!

Jade passed Krath Core. Yea me!


Nassin received a Crescent with Emerald star. Awesome job!!

Vorion received a Crescent with Topaz Star. Great work!!

Jade received a Crescent with Topaz Star. Yea to me!

In Closing:

  I’m glad to see the slow trickle back to activity! However we have a long way to go to get back to where we were, and I expect great things from you.  New medals will soon be put into place to help you achieve your goals as well as the ranks both within the Night Hawks and the Clan, so stay tuned.   

  But in the mean time, get out get active and have fun!  We lost a couple great members so now we have to work double time to pick things up! Let’s show the clan just why we are the Night Hawk Elite!!!  


Zaxen until May 31

Teu until June 5

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