Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

# Clan Plagueis

Proconsul Report <-

Dark Greetings, Clan Plagueis,

I am your new Proconsul, Yzarc Rellik Kaeth, and this is my first report to you. Enjoy!

-> ## News <-

First off, as has been said above, I am your new Proconsul (PCON). I look forward to working with all of you, and to further Plagueis as a Clan. I'd like to thank Ky Terrak for his work as former Proconsul.

Take a quick look at the recent reports released. They are: The Headmaster Report and The Master at Arms Report.

-> ## Elevations <-

Congratulations to Callus Bo'Amar on his promotion to Obelisk Prelate from Obelisk Templar.

-> ## Shadow Academy (SA) <-

Bal Demona – Conflic Mediation

Ralph vundu – Test of Wisdom, Pre-Republic History, Starfighter Studies, Krath Poetry

Kara Rohana – Pre-Republic History, Krath Poetry

Ashron – Starfighter Studies, Test of Wisdom, Capital Starship Studies

Killer – History of the Sith Empire I

Alaris Jinn – Krath Poetry

I’d also like to congratulate Ashron for his receiving of the Dark Maven – History Degree.

The Shadow Academy is extremely important, especially to newer members, although, it is good for older members, too. It helps to assimilate and teach many aspects of Star Wars and the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. You can find the Shadow Academy homepage here.

-> ## Antei Combat Center (ACC) <-

There were no ACC matches finished.

The ACC is an excellent way to hone your writing skills, as well as getting recognition for participating. Participating in the ACC can help you work your way to a next promotion. You can find the ACC here.

-> ## New Members <-

Welcome, Kylath Tynblade, to Clan Plagueis!

-> ## In Closing <-

I have a competition ready for the Clan, and as soon as I get stuff together for it, I will reveal it.

Also, I said in my introduction that I want to speak to as many of you as I can, to see what you want me, as your PCON to do. I’ve talked with a few people, but I’d like more to talk to me. Either I’ll pm you about it, or you guys can pm me about it.

Have a good week, Plagueis!

Yzarc Rellik Kaeth


Clan Plagueis

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